ZynADAC status, availability

I’m new to the Zynthian community. I see there’s a new DAC/ADC alternative to the historically-used hifiberry called ZynADAC. However, it looks like there’s not a stock available in the store. I’m also surprised there are no Issues here or here tracking bugs or shortcomings in the hardware. A couple question.

  • What’s the status of ZynADAC? Is it’s analog performance documented anywhere? Is it equivalent to the hifiberry offering?
  • Is there a stock of stuffed boards available?
  • Where is the discussion about development and testing of the the hardware?
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Hi @jb301 and welcome.

Not in mass production state, not rohs compliant :wink: and yet more than less subject of manufactoring problems :unamused:

Zynadac design is very close from TI’s design in the pcm5242 and pcm1863 datasheets. So one can expect similary results as shown in datasheets. There is no real benchmark. As for the hifiberry dac+adc. So hard to tell …

I was in too, but @jofemodo told me that he wants to keep the couple of boards he’s got for complete Zynthian kit.

There is no specific thread about that. But feel free ask.

PS: I do not own any Zynadac/Hifiberry

I’d like to know more about the intended configuration of the ZynADAC PCB and its integration with Zynthian. As a starting point I figured I’d look at the hifiberry configuration but it all appears to happen in a binary blob obtained from the manufacturer eg ‘kernel7-hb.img’

Configuration of the ZynADAC isn’t on github as AFAICT.

I’ve looked in several branches as well.


I find it hard to read the schematic as I don’t understand the design intent.

  • Is the intent that only either R21 or R22 is installed to choose among X1 or X2 for SCK?
  • What’s the idea behind routing X1 and X2 to PCM5242 GPIO6 and GPIO3?
  • Which of the two chips is acting as master/slave for LRCK and BCK?

Zynadac is fully compatible with Hifiberry ad+dac pro. See here:
zynthian-sys/zynthian_envars.sh at testing · zynthian/zynthian-sys · GitHub on line 28 (this file is loaded at Zynthian startup).
There is no blob at all, adc and dac kernel drivers, Asoc driver for the hifiberry sound card and device tree overlay are all in the kernel source tree.

I’m excited about this FOSS hardware. Hope my questions help us all understand better this cool new capability that is in the pipeline. Was the design and layout done by @jofemodo?

Where are the ADC and DAC configuration registers set using the kernel drivers? This and this are the extent of the documentation from hifiberry AFAICT.

This should be setup in the asoc driver and/or maybe in the device tree overlay

I’m not reaaly comfortable with all that stuff, but I would be really pleased to learn more and progress.

Also pcm512c and pcm186x drivers are here:

Yes +1

Is there any change in availability of the zynadac board @jofemodo ?

I’m in too for a zynadac @jofemodo :wink: