ZynAddSubFX: parameter control auto-mapping

It’s time to improve the parameter mapping of this wonderful synth engine. Probably the more complex and powerful standalone engine integrated in Zynthian.

I want to implement an algorithm that parse the “preset” structure (XML or OSC tree) and builds a map of “interesting” parameters, organized in several groups.
I would appreciate any comment or idea, especially those who have some experience with ZynAddSubFX.
If i have success in this task, I can assure you, fans of Synthesis, a lot of fun :wink:


Hi, don’t know if it’s the right forum section,but while writing a new topic, this old one was suggested as similar.
Would suggest to add (if possible) a “system effects” parameter page to zynaddsubfx engine .
Being the downstream effect chain, it will affect the overall engine presets. could be fine add some more customizable character to still existing sounds… what about it :slight_smile: ?

Hi @ivanmonterosso!

Improving ZynAddSubFX integration is in my TODO list from a long time ago, but i don’t have a clear vision of how to do it, yet…

Regading the FX … perhaps the System Effects Chain could be configured from webconf tool (effects and order) and parameter adjustment from the Zynthian UI.

Also i like the ide of using “insert effects” (by instrument/channel), implementing an “add/remove/move effect” function in the Zynthian UI itself. This option is more complex, but i like it more :wink:

In the other hand, the first option could be used for filtering the output from other engines … so we would have a “Global System Effects Chain” … nice!!

What do you think?


It feels like it needs some broad categorised descriptions of concepts, The Nord Modulars address this by having a series of small modules that are mapped onto a 8 knob, 8 switch paged display, and then a navigation mechanism that can walk throu’ the selected elements. I would say it’s as much as you can get with 5 lcd 2 line displays. Mind you you also have the gui display of the interface so it’s really a live only requirement.

The 8 knobs seems a slightly better compromise of the problem than our four knobs but I have seen you planning a larger knob interface so it needs to be a multivalue solution anyway . . .

Working to an earlier theme and stealing the nord categories for consistency . . .



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Well i didn’t want to be too much complex in suggesting insert effects :wink: … but i miss something, the system effects on Zynaddsubfx can be used for filtering other engines sound? or are you thinking about a downstream effector as a separate engine, always present at the end of chain but enabled or disabled on demand?.. (something like MOD UI but with audio plugins only…and maybe less cpu consuming)

Anyway i was thinking to system effects, 'cause till now (or i am wrong?) every engine, even being multichannel, must be loaded for each snapshot channel, included Zynaddsubfx.

Regarding Webconf, unfortunately i’m not very familiar with programming or something more complex than writing out a bunch of commands on terminal… but would like to try. How much is difficult?
[corrected] sorry, webconf is zynthian.local on web browser… never used :roll_eyes:

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