Good morning, I wanted to ask if it is possible to buy a Zynaptik-3 MIDI but complete with all the ports and the chip soldered in such a way as to be able to connect both midi and trimmer all on the same card? Thanks for your help. I hope I was able to explain myself

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Yes. I have zynaptik MIDI modules with all the rest of footprints empty. You could solder the parts by hand if you have the skills. I know it can be done because I did in the past, but be warned it"s not easy. Some parts are quite small.


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My problem is that I have vision problems and I don’t have the possibility to do it myself, that’s why I asked if it was possible to have it complete, obviously paying.

If I understand correctly, with this board, I can practically connect everything: additional switches, MIDI ports, trimmers, CV controls, etc., right?

There"s only one mcp23017 on the board. This is okay for 4 rotary encoders + 4 push buttons (version 4 layout). A second mcp23017 will be needed if you want to go on the v5 layout (4 rotary encoders + 20 push buttons).

Midi: yes in, thru, out
CV controls; yes in and out. I’ve never used this but so far I remember I’ve read elsewhere here that CV IN/OUT are working at 5V while most of the analogic gears are usually 12V
Trimmers: I don’t know what you call a trimmer

You can use a PCB manufacturing + assembly service like JLCPCB, PCBWay

I was hoping that the Zynthian shop would sell me the pre-assembled board , obviously paying the difference, so that I could make a single transaction without the need to buy the board plus components and then coordinate with an external company for assembly. Double shipping, double problems.

I would need it for 4 encoders + 4 buttons + 3 i-o-t MIDI** .

Sorry @mnovaro !!

I will not do it because the effort and time of doing by hand is too big and the resulting price is not reasonable. I’m pretty sure it would be more affordable to order 2-3 fully assembled units in some on-line PCB manufacturing service. All the info you need to do it is in the hardware repository.


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ok thanks for the help