ZynAuCon v1.4 Headphone Channels

I just built my v4.6 kit. Sounds good and seems to work well, save one issue: the left and the right channels on the ZynAuCon v1.4 board’s headphone jack are switched (the balanced TRSes are correct). Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there anything I can do to swap them back (other than using some sort of dongle)?

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Report it as a bug, is probably the honourable citizen’s response.

Assuming of course…

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I fear that it’s a “hardware bug”. Well, in fact, there is no standard for the audio outputs. They are channel 1 & 2, or channel A & B. There is no “left” & “right”. Ayyway, we could add a flag for swapping the channels in the audio router, so you get the left/right as you want. Swapping mono cables is not a big issue, but having to swap the mini-jack stereo channels is more annoying.

Please, open an issue in the tracker.

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Hello, I have the same problem, but it does not bother me. One solution would be to make a 3.5mm male headphone jack to 3.5mm female jack cable by reversing the right channel with the left one.