Zynductor and double-sided thermal tape

I received the 4.4 kit a few days ago. Am putting it together, being careful not to make the similar mistakes to those I made with the V3 kit.

Regarding the Zynductor and the blue “double-sided” thermal tape. I don’t see the tape is double-sided and while I can see from the images on the wiki more or less where the tape should go I’m not certain exactly how to fix it in place. I assume when I cut it into the two pieces that both of them will be oversized and therefore need to be trimmed.

Could someone please provide some additional explanation and perhaps another photo or two or even a vid as to how to set the tape and attach the Zynductor.

Thanks in advance … I know this is simple but it’s not simple if, like me, you can’t figure it out!!!

All help much appreciated!!!