Really sorry it took me this long to get round to working on the zynface. Really impressed we got this far though. Thanks again for all your efforts and your kindness with the kit. My dream in my eurorack is really starting to take shape. The only thing that put a downbeat on it all was when I found zynthian has ‘grids’ in pd after buying the module

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It’s a pleasure to read you get it working and for sure you get some fun with it!!
I don’t know too much about modulars, CV/Gate and all this stuff, the zynface is a first try and i only tested with a Korg SQ-1 and Behringer Crave. It was my first CV/Gate experience and really funny to get it working together, talking this ancient analog CV/Gate code, jeje! I’m really interested in your tests with the zynface and i would love to read about the details. Specially what range, scaling, polarity, etc. you test with. Also if you felt or measured the latency, etc.

Grid is a funny toy! You could send 2 different “grid” jam-pieces to the forum, one done with the module and another one with the zynthian’s pd-grid. You don’t say which is which and we will try to deduce from the hiden footprints you will leave on the 2 pieces :grin:


Hello mate…

I have really been enjoying my zynface, but something inside me wants to make sure all of the pins are usable… I designed this panel to go in a eurorack like below :-

but a few things have occurred to me and left me with questions again :-

Firstly, I think i have realized that the digital pins can theoretically be either in or out… I know i can set any of them to work with cv in/cv out, which is great but as soon as i realized this, I also understood that I cannot set a digital pin to be a gate on it’s own, and i wondered if i am missing something?


i.e. i can set any of the digital pins as an input using ‘midi note’ and make that trigger a drum sound internally in the zynth… but how can I set digital output pins to trigger external drums?

Currently my plan is to outsource the circuit redesign to fit the eurorack panel above, possibly by paying someone on fiverr who is a better circuit board designer than me to do it. If i do that, i would love to be able to a) send you one as well, and b) give you the design files back to fold into the zynth shop and documentation. Let me know what you think!

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When you select a digital pin as CVgate Out, this digital pin (Gate-Out) is associated with an analog output (CV-Out). As you correctly concluded, the current implementation doesn’t allow to configure a digital pin as an single Gate-out with no CV-Out associated. I didn’t implement this feature, although it’s quite easy to implement. In fact, the hardest work is on the configuration side.

You should create a Feature Request on the issue tracker and it would have a chance of being implemented one of these days. Until then, you could use the current implementation for triggering up to 4 “drums”.

Of course, you could put some pressure by writing a nice tutorial about the Zynface. There is almost nothing about it and you seem to have the knowledge and time, so motivation is the only ingredient you need :grin:


@MrBroccoli, i opened the thread because i think it’s of public interest and there is nothing private here, OK?

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yep, np.

I will get on that feature request :wink:

:small_red_triangle: :zynface: :small_red_triangle:

Added the feature request ( #578 ) and updated panel design accordingly :+1:


Ho ho ho…

I woke up this morning and I found a gerber file in my christmas stocking inbox!!!

and here are the 3d’s for the updated panel design to go with it :-

I will be ordering prints of both the PCB and the panel over the holidays and as soon as i am 100% confident that it all works as planned, I will submit these to the hardware git.

Merry christmas everyone!


Pcb’s have arrived. I am going to run some tests over the weekend.

Panel has been ordered too.

How very exciting!


Mental Note: Implement “16 x Gate-OUT” :wink:



Maybe wait until imminent chants to GPI handling :grin:

I was just watching one of my favourite youtube eurorack explainers talk about a sequencing device, when this picture of a setup screen pops up…

It made me think, we are not a million miles away from configuring similar parameters on our wiring screen and that I like the grid that this uses. It also explains a little about why you might want more outputs for a eurorack better than I can.


So, how is soldering doing right now ?

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I am waiting for the panel I ordered to arrive… I am told that the best way to ensure that the jack’s fit both the panel holes and the PCB is to fit them to both before soldering :wink:

Also, I just used all my thonk sockets, so I need to order more …

I did build a similar device based on a teensy as a contingency though … I will show that in zynthclub tonight.

Oh wow… these look better than I expected!


Hi @MrBroccoli !

It looks supernice!!

BTW, i just implemented the 16 x Gate-outs on testing. Update and test, please.


I have been struggling with testing this, tbh… I was running on testing already and I could not get mine or the original working… went back to not testing and the original worked again. Really, i need to move it to a dedicated test rig… I will test properly @jofemodo but please bear with me while i get it sorted out… Appreciate your efforts though…

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Hi @MrBroccoli !

I just fixed the CV/Gate functionality in the testing branch, including the new Gate-Out functionality for switches. Now everything is working fine for me, so perhaps you could consider to update & test.