ZynMixer at different screen resolutions

The zynmixer on a 7" touchscreen.

Could we reverse the engine and patch name as the patch name seems more lelevant and readable the other way round?
Would M & S carry enough interface weight to avoid the rather compresed solo & Mute? They could consume considerably less screen size or are they optimized for the standard kit?

Anyone any experience of the effect of rotating characters in a font in this situation and purely from as a thought experiment how easily would that rotate characteristic readability?

Or mayby use only letters “S” and “M”? ops… i wasn’t read all :slight_smile:

I will review font size for different screens. This works well on the larger screen but we have been concentrating on ensuring it works on the standard 3.5" screen. It may also depend on the font you choose in config. That may add complexity.

Rather nice comparison…

Zynthian on the left . . . Full Screen VNC Browser on raspbian Pi3 on right . . . :smiley:

You get two different cursor positions ! :smiley:


Wow! That’s an absolute great idea!!! But is it possible to show different screens (e.g. ZynMixer fixed on one screen and the other for normal use?)

Can someone tell me where I put my Touch-TFT’s :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

No! The VNC is a mimic of the UI. There are plans to allow different interfaces and indeed we already have OSC control working from an Android tablet.

Have you checked down the back of the sofa for your displays?

Here’s it doing patchage… via vnc


Ahhh, thanks! Found them!


You better get an exterminator in, you might have a nest full of 2.5" displays under that couch. . .

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@wyleu asked for a standard 3.5" screen screenshot.


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Here it is running on 2.8" touchscreen on a v1.0 kit ( Pi3) zynthian… :smiley:
The touchscreen works.


Just leave it playing overnight . . .


:heart_eyes: :star_struck:

And it’s still playing perfectly happily the next morning …