Zynpad external trigger


Fairly new to all this, and currently experimenting with the sequencer.

I’ve recorded a pattern and have this assigned to a pad, but am having trouble triggering this from an external keyboard.

The documentation has a different menu structure to my current v5 build.

When I select trigger device from the ZynPad menu how do I next select a MIDI channel (13) and note (e.g. C6) to trigger the pad playback?

Thanks for helping a noob!

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Hi @Adamh! May I extend the warmest of welcomes to our lovely community. I am sure you will enjoy it here.

The handling of devices is currently changing. In the stable version it should work as documented. In testing version we have a new device management system that will detect and auto configure some USB MIDI devices, e.g. Launchpad.

So we need to know what version of the Zynthian software you are running. This is most easily shown with a screenshot of the webconf console.

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I think that this function isn’t working properly in the last stable version. After selecting trigger device channel selecting line disappear and one cannot select channel (selected trigger note on all channels on device start pad playback)

Hi. Thanks both for the help so far. Using both the last stable and latest releases, I have the same problem.

Select trigger device = OFF. This will stop trying to use a device mapping and instead use MIDI channel and note number defined in the menu.

Thanks, Brian. Feel like I’m nearly there now! The only problem now is that the Trigger channel keeps defaulting back to 255. So close!