ZynSeq: Drum-kits / engines with supported drum maps?

Can someone recommend a drum-kit / engine, that is supported by ZynSeq’s drum map feature ? I only came across the “AVL Drumkits Percussion” sound font, but that’s percussion, not a “Schiessbude”. Ideally I would love something synthesized, not SF based.
I tried the “RedZeppelin” as well, but that does not show a drum map in the sequencer.
And - just to add: ZynSeq is great ! One Sequencer to rule them all (even the hard ones).

I have seen it with one of the Pearl kits and it made for a considerably more enjoyable experience, but yes, I’m assuming this is a manual process and am willing to unleash any number of zynthians at the task, if we knew where we set this :smiley:

You know who you are. . . :confused:

I think he might be looking at us Scooby. I thought I had enabled soundfont based percussion maps but reading basis comments and tickets and from experience, maybe I am mistaken.

I don’t like the idea of assuming MIDI Channel 10 as percussion because it adds an artificial constraint and fails for any additional percussion channels which means an alternative workflow is also required.

It has already been noted that a configuration for instruments may be required and this may also be true for soundfonts. I will try to find time to revisit this.

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Yes, it’s really anointing various presets and soundfonts as percussion and probably involves another bloomin config map.

@catherder Drum Kit V1 had a map. There are some bugs so you may need to enter the pattern editor a couple of times before it works.

Fluidsynth with non-chromatic instruments also offer drum maps but may not be selected by default requiring selection from menu, e.g. Orchestral in GM soundfonts.

So it is as I thought but maybe with some bugs

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Thanks for the replies!
Is it possible to create and store my own drum maps, and in what location ?

Currently zynseq reads its drum maps from a single file /zynthian/zynthian-data/zynseq/keymaps.json. We could change to allow user maps (which is a feature request already - I think I added as a future enhancement when I wrote the original code) but not high urgency.

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I would like to bump this topic. Here its about drum maps for external midi Instruments.
I use a FH-2 Module with 8 gate Outputs to Trigger drum Modules. It would be cool to the labels CH1 till CH8 or so directly in the piano roll.
But i will check the file from the post above.