Zynseq: Gate / Note length shorter than one step?

Is it possible to configure note lengths in Zynseq that are shorter than one step length ?
My MIDI controlled monophonic synthesizer plays legato and does not re-trigger the envelope when Zynseq sends notes in two consecutive steps. Other sequencers, like the Arturia KeyStep allow me to set gate lengths in percentages of a step, and with short gate lengths the EG will always trigger.

Issue #327 describes this as a feature request. I added it because you can get some really good effects by playing staccato on instruments like setBfree. It is not yet implemented. The note off and subsequent note on of consecutive steps are separated by one (MIDI) clock cycle. If this is not long enough you might be able to tweak the number of clocks per step to get desired behaviour.

Thanks. Is there a way to select all notes in a pattern at once ? I just wonder if I could double the number of steps per beat, and then set the note parameter note length to 1 step. This would provide a sufficient break between notes. All I need is not to have any “back to back” notes.
I usually use step recording (input MIDI channel) to record notes into ZynSeq, and I would like to avoid having to add a rest after each note.

There is currently not a way to select all notes.

Okay - you created an itch I had to scratch. I have implemented the ability to change the duration of a note by 0.1 step intervals. This is currently in the feature/327_zynseq_short_notes development branch which you can access via webconf SOFTWARE->Repositories. I put the fractional value on the Snapshot encoder. We need to play to see what makes most sense. It allows continual variation of note duration from 0.1 x step duration. I know you also want to do this to all notes in a sequence but at least this will allow the requested functionality if you start a sequence from scratch.

If you add a feature request to select all notes in a pattern I will take a look at it.

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This is great news. Thanks for taking action, and I hope the itch does not scratch too much :wink:.
Even if I have to set this parameter for the first note and all new notes, this is already a big leap forward in the right direction - and I can use Zynseq with my monophonic Synths.
I will get a second SD card ready to check out the testing branch and will look into this.

Okay, I have submitted a pull request to apply two changes:

  • Within pattern editor’s edit mode, using snapshot encoder will adjust note length in 0.1 steps.
  • Within pattern editor’s edit mode, bold pressing Select will enter ALL mode and apply velocity / note length changes to all notes in the pattern

When changing all notes, the changes are relative to the current value of each note and the absolute value for adding / adjusting individual notes is not changed.

We await merge of this PR into Testing. If you want to test it out now you can switch to feature/327_zynseq_short_notes branch.


@riban When will that PR merged into Testing ?

We are pretty busy with some other development at the moment. I would prefer for @jofemodo to review the PR and merge when he has the time.

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@catherder this is now merged to Testing. Enjoy!

@riban thanks ! Will do so when taking a week off next week…