ZynSeq, input from external midi not working

Hi there !

I recently used the ZynSequencer, so fun to play with ! But I experienced an issue : when I select an input channel (the same that my external midi keyboard), i can hear the note i played but nothing is recorded to the sequencer.
I think I have succeeded yesterday, but I don’t know how.

@riban can you help me with that ?

Thanks !

MIDI input only works on pattern editor. You may have used the word “sequence” where you meant “pattern”. MIDI input to pattern editor was working. Of it’s not working for you let me know what branch and revision you are on

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Thanks always for your quick response !
Yeah, It’s ‘pattern editor’, not ‘sequence’ sorry for that ! And I tried all I can do, change usb port, use midi wire, etc…

I go to the the pattern Editor, select the input channel, but it’s not responding.

I had similar problem. Try to save snapshot first. I do not know if this is a bug but after saving the snapshot midi live input channel works in editor for me.

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I can confirm that without a snapshot loaded, MIDI input to sequencer does not work. You need to load (not save) a snapshot to work around this issue. (Thanks for the tip @ejdzi.)

@Tabula please raise a bug report and I will take a look at it.

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