Zynseq "record from midi"

Hi everybody,

I hope somebody can help me here. I’ve done a quick search for a question i have and i couldnt find what u was looking for.

Does anybody know if i can trigger “record from midi” from with in the zequencer main menu or from the pattern editor?

I think of this could be toggled through CUIA i think the workflow for livelooping could be improved.

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Hey Just an update… i managed to get a work around here. I used a rpi pico and configured it as a usb_hid. This will enable me to send the sequnce of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes needed to enable the “record from midi” in the pattern editor menu.

I had a 4x4 button matrix to hand so now i can program 16 macros if i need too.

If anybodies interested i can share code/schematics.

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Hi @Jrice! Welcome to the community.

I guess you are using the current stable release. There is a new development version called Oram that is close to release that provides many enhancements. I am fairly sure (I am not near a Zynthian right now) that in Oram, you can toggle MIDI record with the TOGGLE_MIDI_RECORD CUIA whilst the pattern editor is showing and it will toggle that menu option.

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Hi Riban,

Thats great that this feature will be availabe in the new release!

Meanwhile im proud of my solution!


Yes, I’m very interested in how this was implemented, not just for Zynthian, but in general. Thanks!


Apologies for the delay! Yes this is pretty useful in general.

I used a raspberry pi pico with a 4 x 4 button matrix this gives me 16 buttons to use. Using regular push buttons greatly simplifies the code. I also added an oled screen - I used this to output the command I was passing and again this would work without. Chat gpt will help you here if you need to modify. The button matrix has pins labled C4-C1 and R1-R4. C4 is connected to GP9, GP8, GP7 & GP6. These are referred to as “colPins” in the code. For some reason the order is reversed in the code and it will only work this way.
Pins R1-R4 on the button matrix are connected to GP5, GP4, GP3, GP2 and there is no reverse order in the code.

The screen has 4 connections VCC, GND SCL & SDA. They are connected to GP11 (SCL) & GP10 (SDA) pick any available GND pin for the GND and VCC is pin36 on the pico.

The button actions should be fairly self explanatory. But how I implemented the midi record is as follows.
Firstly you have to be in the edit pattern in the cell you’d like to record into for the “macro”
When the button is pressed it moves the mouse cursor into the far left -800 and -600. My screen is this size so adjust for you own size.
Then move the mouse cursor to the right by 50 pixels and click the left mouse button to bring up the menu
Then it presses the down arrow 10 times (to the midi record option) and hits the enter key.
It sound long but it happens in the blink of an eye.

4x4code.py (4.7 KB)

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That is one of the most absured implementations!!! :smile: It is likely to break when we change almost anything in the UI, e.g. quantity or order of menu items. It would be far easier to use key binding to trigger the action directly rather than navigating menus…

Absolutely it would be easier but those key bindings are not available in the current stable release.

Hey it suits my needs for now though.