Zynstep - shuffle parameter?

While messing around with the zynthian’s step sequencer the other day I was reminded the hammerhead drum sequencer software I played about with in the 90s. That had a parameter called “shuffle” which essentially delayed the off-beat notes by a controllable amount. I loved this feature as it could give a totally different feel to a step sequence.
I wonder if this is something that could be added to the already-good step sequencer? I’ll see if I can manage to raise it as a feature request, but this will be a bit of a venture into unknown territory for me.


Absolutely add a feature request. Trust me it will be easier for you to wrestle with GitHub than for me to implement the feature :yum::grinning:.


Full armour and a brave face was donned and an adventure into the underworld of GitHub was made… After roaming the unfamiliar corridors for some time a luring green button with “feature request” was found and pushed, and a token with #752 stamped on it was issued. A hasty retreat was made, following the trail of white pebbles deposited

I think I’ve successfully gained GitHub citizenship and submitted my 1st feature request :slight_smile: