Zynth club. .. There's just one rule in Zynth club . . .

zynth club is pretty surreal and lots of fun!


Agreed. Must do it again. :smiley:

My experience was dampened by the fact that I couldn’t really see people’s faces for about 98% of the time. I tried reconnecting, and Bob’s my uncle, I could see everyone! Then I had to go… :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh well. All the more reason to do it again! :wink:


THere are some seriously unsettled projects in this community…

Thank goodness…

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@wyleu wanted pictures of my FrankenMidi connector. Here they are.

To help you recover from those gruesome images (and to avoid @wyleu’s inordinately large dogs :fearful:), I’ve included this:

1#ZY>the mysterious bank 4/synth bass 3
2#ZY>Collection/Soft Hammer

The drums are some CC0 FreeSounds being run in MuLab.

The bassline is heavily influenced by Apollo Four Forty. I couldn’t resist when I heard the similarity… :blush:




Good job! Because Midi in and out connectors are pretty standard, I made some very similar to yours and keep them in my parts bin to pull out whenever I am breadboarding a new failed attempt at building something. I seem to be pretty good at those. I don’t think that I’ll ever graduate to some of the home-builds I saw yesterday, though. Can’t wait to try to build @MrBroccoli’s ESP32 rtpmidi drum sequencer!


Who is up for another gathering of like minds (however addled those minds may be)? Monday / Tuesday?

:+1: Either day fine with me.


Well unless I’m going out… :laughing:

Monday 7:00 UT 8:00 BST, same place, but someone will have to tidy the place up before we start :-D; Poor Norman.

I hope you didn’t mean that @wyleu. (I am not surprised you never made it in radio where a basic ability to tell the time is required :stuck_out_tongue:.)

Next club night is: 19:00 UTC Monday 13th April 2020.

Some local times:

Town Country Local Time (12 hour) Date
Melbourne Australia 05:00 5am 2020-04-14
Tel Aviv Israel 22:00 9pm 2020-04-13
Helsinki Finland 22:00 10pm 2020-04-13
Munich Germany 21:00 9pm 2020-04-13
Barcelona Spain 21:00 9pm 2020-04-13
Paris France 21:00 9pm 2020-04-13
London UK 20:00 8pm 2020-04-13
Cheshire UK 20:00 8pm 2020-04-13
New York USA 15:00 3pm 2020-04-13
Los Angeles USA 12:00 noon 2020-04-13

Cheshire :- so posh it has its own time zone!

I need to check my diary :joy::+1:


Oh yes.? and quite how late are the time pips on your Sounds channel … Eh . . .Eh .? ( I did time it at about 3 minutes in the early days of web radio . . . )

OH its very sophisticated round here . . . . fields and everything. . .

Sounds good! See you there! :smiley:

ok, so it’s 21 local time for me. I will try my best to be there

I’ll be at work… :frowning: but the rest of the time I hang out here:

This is in Vircadia. You can download it @ Vircadia.com


Zynthian Club tonight is same place as last time - same link and same password. If you don’t have details, direct message me.

@jofemodo, could we have a private topic on discourse to list such info? It would have group membership of most Zynthian forum members who had passed a test, e.g. had posted something. We could exclude anyone who abused the privilege, e.g. troll. I am a bit worried about putting a link in plain sight as this is liable to be abused. (See zoom bombing stories.)

Don’t let @wyleu choose the test please… pretty please… :rofl:

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Vircadia.com certainly looks like an interesting approach. So much of interest, so little time.

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