Zynthbox Alpha 2

There is a new Zynthbox img, available here:

It includes bug fixes, polish and some revisions, here are the details:

  • Mixer now shows input signal (synth sounds or external) and audio clip output seperate
  • Mixer has new TRACK VIEW default, which allows quick access to main controls depending on the Tracks playback mode
  • Mixer has added more View Modes, to show all synth, sample, fx slots at once
  • added a SAMPLE playback mode for Tracks: Tracks can be loaded any recorded sound or other WAV file and then played back either chromatically or in an auto-sliced way
  • allow to save, load and share SOUNDS (up to 5 engine layers plus FX per track)
  • new improved midi timer now using jack, not alsa
  • Clips are recorded audio that store the sound information at the time of the recording with their metadata. E.g. if one recorded a track that has a 3 layered sound plus FX, those informations of the exact layers presets and FX are stored within the audio file. The audio file can still be played normally by any audio player, Zynthbox can though restore the sounds when transferring a clip to another zynthbox or loaded into another sketch, allowing the player to continue playing with the exact same sound that was used for the audio clip recording
  • Also Midi data is stored with each recording in the wav metadata
  • New VCV early preview app in store for testing mostly only install and run, no integration yet)

Even though there are a ton of bug fixes, of course there are still many more things to fix/improve, and not everything has been connected yet with functionality, therefore any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Please note:
This or any other ALPHA version is not recommended for production use, mainly due to that any objects json format can still change and make previous object loading incompatible with the next update.)

original post (which I cant update/edit the initial comment anymore):

Hey… can you explain more about the “improved midi timer”? Specifically, is there any way now to clock zynthbox with an external midi clock?

Hi MrBroccoli,

it is only internal midi and audio sequencer for now and capturing incoming Midi notes.
For syncing or controlling external gear, we need to look into how to do those exactly (maybe it’s trivial or even works already somewhat , but we havent spend any time to connect external devices yet other than a simple usb midi keyboard as input device.