Zynthian and Camelot via ipad

Hello to the friends of the group.
I recently reconfigured the setup with Camelot Pro in the center via Ipad.
I set up all the gear but I don’t know how to get the Zynthian to be recognized via USB.
Can you advise me !?
Thanks in advance

If you want to use the zynthian as a sort of MIDI sound device for an iPad you can either look at using RTP-MIDI, and send it midi stuff over the network, or set the zynthian to work in gadget mode, but you have to use the USB-C socket on the pi4 and it’s a world of fun trying to power it.

In the end I opted for midi communication via USB-Midi cable mediated by Motu midi router. Camelot sees it as generic external hardware via usb-midi interface. Thanks for your answer. Hello