Zynthian as a live coding environment

Has anyone here been running livecoding environments (like Tidal Cycles, SoncPi) on the Zynthian? With just a screen and a keyboard, it could be a wonderful platform for live coding.
I’m just interested in the “sequencing” capabilities of the live coding tool (synth/effects of course would just go through the Zynthian layers)

There is this thread on SonicPi Sonic Pi , but I’m not tied to it and I’ve had trouble using it on other hardware.

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I never tried, but a “live sequencing” command line would be really interesting … i think there is some nice projects that could be nice to integrate. Take a look to this:

and there are some more that i don’t remember now …


Orca could be a decent candidate.

Been trying to make this work, no luck so far. The program runs well but i cannot figure out the midi connections.

there is a version for the norns, wich works on the onboard screen, maybe we could think of a way of replicating that

Norns would be a good thing to integrate as it also includes a Lua based scripting language that abstracts the UX, Screen, controls, etc which sits on top of SuperCollider which could make the Zynthian more accessible to build custom engines without having to get down into the detail of altering the code base or building LV2 plugins. (Brief overview of SC & Lua on Norns).

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I would have thought norns is an application similar to Zynthian, like a sibling rather than a child to be hosted by it. Maybe I am wrong or maybe we can see what norns doors well and implement similar features. I’m not convinced running hosting full-blown norns within Zynthian is a good idea!