Zynthian as Airplay receiver

Hi there,

I realized I could use my Zynthian as an Airplay device since it is allready hooked to my mixer for streaming some Audio to my speakers.

Is there a simple way to enable airplay via the backend or the interface? Or do I have to do it via SSH?
Anyone experience with this?

This looks pretty straight forward but you would have to be careful it doesn’t break other Zynthian functions. I will backup my image and try the installing it on my dev RPi later. Not sure how to include it in official build but I think it would make a good feature to include especially if you could include it as an audio source to sample.

Which open a whole can of worms of functionality if you could extend it to have functionality like AudioShare or AudioCopy to iOS, connect to it as a AUv3 source or as a class compliant audio/MIDI interface.

thanks pac_71,

yes the steps are quite straight forward. but as you say I dont want to break something. It would be an awesome feature for sure! If it is easily sart and stopable like this: sudo service shairport-sync start/stop
It is quite usable in my opinion.

Since I am not using Apple products I realized that I can do all of this with pulseaudio or jack for example. There might be other ways.

Where, or what, do you want to stream the sound from?

@Baggypants appearance took longer than I thought it would. :smiley:

At first priority from my Ubuntu Notebook. Second would be my Android phone.

I think using DLNA might be a better idea than airplay. The problem would be getting the DLNA renderer to output using JACK I think.