Zynthian as operating system for old laptop or PC

Do you guys have any documentation where zynthian can use with old computer or laptop? I mean if it can use as solo synthesizer operating system so that old outdated computer or laptop can be use as synthsizer or Boot from pendrive option like other Linux Distribution.

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Hi Rohit!

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the zynthian community! :wink:

Of course it can be done. I usually develop the zynthian software on my
Ubuntu or Fedora desktop computers and run the full stack of zynthian
software. I don’t have is an updated setup script, so you will have some
“apt” work for installing everything. I would recommend to use Debian
Stretch, taking the latest “raspbian stretch lite” setup script as
starting point (see the zynthian-sys repository).

If you have success, please, don’t forget to contribute an updated setup
script for “Debian Stretch”. It will be very useful for other people …

Kind Regards!

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