Zynthian as realtime synthesizer

Dear community,
I would love to use Zynthian as main synth in the rehearsal room, and on stage. I wonder:

  1. Is there a IBAN bankaccount where I can donate some money? Due to environmental/climate change reasons, I prefer a second handed Zynthian, ánd I would love to contribute a bit to the makers too.

  2. What is the difference between Multitembral mode and Stage mode? If there is documentation about that, I would love to know where it is.
    Not sure if it is related, but 16 synths each on a MIDI channel and using program changes, yes fine. Maybe easier: always channel 1 and only use program changes . Possible?

  3. Related to that question, I might for example put a FluentSynth in channel 1 with all my pianos (a big sf2). I tried that, but I was surprised to notice that fluentsynth ignored my program changes - is that an error on my side, or does fluentsynth indeed not listen to program changes? (qsynth does listen to program changes and uses fluentsynth underneath).

  4. Related to that question, I also tried extracting all pianos as seperate .sfz files, each name starting with a two-digit number (“00 piano 1”, “01 Steinberg D”, etc). It became a random mess (sfizz and linuxsampler) because the list was not alfabeticly ordered (at all! also not after the digits). Did I found a bug, do I have to do something specificly so that my .sfz files are shown alphabeticly?

Super thanks!

Hi @nielsbaloe

You will find answers to most of these questions in the user guide on the wiki and I think you will find mostly positive answers. Take a look through the guide then come back and pose any questions that are not already answered in the documentation.

@jofemodo can answer the first question. Also, @jofemodo do you think the user guide could be made more prominent? It seems some of our friends are not finding it before asking questions here.