Zynthian as VOCODER

Hi everybody!

Does anybody tryed to use Zynthian as vocoder with AudioInjector (zero, is the same as non-zero)?

I realy love The Kraftwerk :crazy_face:

If you dont know what i mean, just play the song “The Robots”.

Many thanks.

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Please, could you send an audio record? It’s easy to do using the audio-recorder from the admin menu.
Ahh! And it would be really nice if you attach a snapshot of your setup :wink:


I have no record, i have only the question if it is possible in real time using Zynthian and microphone :slight_smile:

I think the answer is: YES…

… but: I havn’t tried this. But Fernando has a Zynthian with (IMHO) AudioInjector and added Reverb and spacy effects to a Kalimba. So why not use a Vocoder (with MOD-UI this should be possible).

Regards, Holger

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And also with the Jalv engine, enabling the vocoder plugin from the webconf tool :wink:



I found Vocoder in the menu as Special layer. Does it automaticaly grab soundcard input? There isn’t any configuration.

And 2nd question: web-ui (mod-ui) is for Zynthian configuation or for external hardware (Mod Duo etc.) only?

If is, how to test it? I see only 2 sound input and output, but nothing is changing in the sound when i connected it with some effect (in web mod-ui).

Is there any basic how-to?

Thanks and good night.

And any info how sound routing with mod-ui confugured from web interface works is welcome :slight_smile:

Today everything works perfectly.

Good work!

I’m going to test the audioinjector. :male_detective:

I’m also interested in this, what kind of mic do you use and does it have a preamp?

I am using microphone on my computer headphones for skyping! :rofl:

AudioInjector has their own microphone input and line input too.

Hello, trying to reanimate this Topic:

Presumed, other effects are working, e.g. Distortion, Limiter etc., so I think physical Routing is right:

However I get no Output from Zynthian when running the Vocoder.
Did anyone manage to get it working?


Given the zynth only really recognises one stereo in, and is a stereo infrastructure all we could probably manage for a vocoder is left * right , which means you have to treat the two channels as independent.

It’s an area we are still a little vague on (IMHO)

That might be a reason, as I am running the inputjack as a symmetrical in. Thus, if Zynthian Vocoder is exspecting L/R asymmetrical at Ground referrence, it doesn’t see any Input Signal.

Thank you for replying.


Here some test audio files with a vocoder running in zynthian (mod-ui) :blush:

Only Vocoder:

Vocoder + 1 Synth on the same midichannel:

Stay healthy all together !!!

I will post the presets also here tomorrow.


They are a lot of fun!

There is a lot of crackle. Are you hitting x-runs?


I will check sometimes my recording solution do crackle if I use old usb sticks.

I can’t use the audio recorder inside zynthian it doesn’t work anymore yet.

I do some checks today and let you know.

Here we go:

Without crackles …