Zynthian as Wifi Hotspot


Hi @Zynthianers!

The idea:

If we are using zynthian somewhere without a router for connection, Zynthian would act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing connection via SSH or even access to MOD-UI or WebConfig.

How to make?

I tested on my Zynthian and the result was satisfactory. The connection got a bit slow to access the MOD-UI, but I still have to do a few more tests.



I tried with my Raspi2 and external Edimax dongle to no avail.
Found some pages where they say, that I have to recompile the device driver.
Gave up and going to use my phone as hotspot.

But I liked the idea :slight_smile:


When i’ve some time, i will try it. It’s a good idea!! :wink: