Zynthian as Wifi Hotspot

Hi @Zynthianers!

The idea:

If we are using zynthian somewhere without a router for connection, Zynthian would act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing connection via SSH or even access to MOD-UI or WebConfig.

How to make?

I tested on my Zynthian and the result was satisfactory. The connection got a bit slow to access the MOD-UI, but I still have to do a few more tests.



I tried with my Raspi2 and external Edimax dongle to no avail.
Found some pages where they say, that I have to recompile the device driver.
Gave up and going to use my phone as hotspot.

But I liked the idea :slight_smile:

When i’ve some time, i will try it. It’s a good idea!! :wink:

Just made one a hotspot (latest Rpi3 B+) and it MOD thingies are nicely controlled from ipad. The idea works. It will be great for mobile performances (on the street for instance). Great idea !

For those like me, who like the hopspot to be permanent (while using lan for updates) - this manual helped me: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/wireless/access-point.md

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New ZynthianOS images are configured by default as Wifi HotSpot :wink:



Discovered an unpleasant detail with hotspot on - there is noise in the speakers with every system activity (like on a latpop sometimes, when the power is not grounded properly) Once I stop the WiFi - it is absolutely clear and silent. Have proper grounding at my space. Tried powering zynthian with power supply and power bank - same. Did anyone encountered same effect ?

Turned WiFi hotspot off until further investigation

Hi @dhrupadiya!

I’m not a radio expert, but i would try a usb wifi-dongle, disabling the RBPi3 internal Wifi device. The internal wifi’s antenna is about 2-3 cm under the soundcard … not too good :wink:

When using a usb wifi dongle, a metal case should help too…



Thank you @jofemodo, that is exactly what I have suspected. By I have thought about moving the soundcard aside the main board (new connecting cable) in a new case I am making. Will try with the dongle and write back.

Anyone else can’t restart if wifi hotspot enabled and Ethernet cable plugged in?

The dongle is the right answer.

Does anyone know how to change the WiFi hotspot password?

Is it just the Zynthian login password?
Wiki Hotspot

Not in my case, and I don’t know why…

This password is fixed, so if you changed your unit’s password, it still should be “raspberry” :wink:

Indeed - which is the issue! I suggest that @Jtunes rasies a feature request to allow changing of hotspot password.




Hi @Jtunes !

I just fixed this. Now, when changing the system password, the WIFI HotSpot password will be changed too. In the same way, when the hostname is changed, the hotspot SSID will change too.

Please, update and test (testing branch!!).