Zynthian at Maker-Faire-Berlin 2017!

Hi Zynthianiacs!

Last Friday Lars and I were at the MeetUp for the next Maker-Faire in Berlin:

We we applied for MF2017 and hope to get some information the next weeks. AFAIK there are already some places for projects open so I think the Zynthian project would be accepted.

Regards, Holger


This time, i will be there, @C0d3man! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Very nice! We should start planning, soon!

Now it is official! The Zynthian project is accepted for the Maker-Faire 2017 in Berlin!

If Zynthianiacs decide to visit us, please let us know
(and which days)!

Regards, Holger


Great news, @C0d3man!

I will be there :wink:
I hope to meet a few Zynthianers there!


Hi Zynthianniacs,

does anyone participate at #MFB2017?

Regards, Holger

was planing on coming but can not get away.
will try to go to the one in spain.


:cry: I cannot come to MFBarcelona… But I think Fernando will :wink:

Just tested our three Zynthians for Maker-Faire… works!

Minimal equipment and very loud (130W) - hopefully also on MFB :smile:


Great Holger!! :heart_eyes:

A will add 2 more units:

  • Zynthian Alu-Case “Standard”
  • Zynthian Wooden-case “AudioInjector”, with audio input

And complements:

  • A little keyboard (AKAI LPK25)
  • An electro-kalimba
  • Headphones??

I don’t take speakers nor ampliffier …is it OK?

Super Regards!

Yeah! I will bring a dynamic mic+cable for vocoding sessions :slight_smile:


Yes, this would be nice! We have a headphone-amp (4 sep. amps, but one is used to drive the sub-woofer), so we can use them for playing around without create too much noise around us :wink:

It’s OK, you don’t need one. We have a 82 line mixer, a 2130W Amp and 2 150W speakers (and a small sub-woofer). Should be enough.

Regards, Holger

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Perfect!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @ll!

MakerFaire-Berlin ended last sunday. We had two days of fun, music making and much talks. Here are some impressions:

Zynthian Team

Back side cable chaos


It was really funny. Especially the following fact: If there was noone for talking we just made some music and a crowd of people was staying around. We started to talk and after the talks everything started from the beginning. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for all the people who created, helped, visited us and especially for the Maker-Faire organization team!

Next Maker-Faire Berlin: 25. - 27. May 2018 at FEZ!

Next Maker-Faire with Zynthian: June 16th/17th Barcelona (next weekend!)

Regards, Holger

P.S.: Link for a Youtube video follows the next days…



I’ll be looking forward to watch youtube videos.

Regards, Jose

Hi all,
from what I’'ve heard this was an excellent presentartin for Zymthian. Too bad I was not able to be there - You guys must have had lots of fun (work and some stress, too i suppose :-))) ). Maybe i can participate next time …

will Zynthian be at makerfair berlin 2018? End of may?

No, sorry. /me only as visitor (perhaps on Saturday). I made three Maker-Faires inbetween nearly one year and now I needed some time to relax :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger