Zynthian Box with Audio-input (Audioinjector soundcard)

Yes. I’ve used and it works quite decently. Of course there is some “latency” due to the Audio=>MIDI conversion time. Perhaps it’s possible to reduce this latency by tweaking the aubio parameters. You can do it from the Webconf Tool, so it’s really easy …


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Ok perfect, I don’t know if this function is designed for that, but I was wondering if we have a midi file at the end with the notes played in audio input.
Or maybe the notes played are directly translated to a midi channel ?

Thank You for your time Jofemodo !

It’s a “real-time” feature. Generated MIDI is directly pushed to the synth engines.

But you can use aubio in many other ways from command line … it’s a fantastic software package!! :wink:


Can Zynthian be interfaced to the Pedalboard Feed, where Mod Duo users post their setups?

There are tons of user pedal boards, most with recorded samples/

This was meant as a reply to jofemodo’s:
“We should find a way to share patches and presets easily … ideas? :wink:

Recreating their download-share scheme in a seperate Zinthian system may be worthwhile.

Hi @MaxMaxis

currently not. Maybe this is doable - but I personally think better not doing this. There are several problems:

  1. MOD is developing this nice frontend MOD-UI we also curently using. They need money to do this. If “we” are using their software (it is open-source - so this is not a problem) and additionally parts of their infrastructure (maybe open?) they really won’t be happy about this.
  2. If “we” would use their pedalboard hub: Who is responsible the support of pedalboards on Zynthian? Support questions may go to the MOD support and they won’t be happy again.
  3. MOD-Duo has a fixed hardware. If you want to use a predalboard for a Duo on a Raspi without audio-in you will get a problem.
  4. Because MOD-UI is only a part of Zynthian for Zynthian it would be better to create an own hub for setups.

There is a chance to write a converter to get your MOD-Duo pedalboards into Zynthian. The easiest way is to copy (via ssh) the pedalbaords from you Duo to the Zynthian. After that you may have to fix the ins/outs for the pedalboards.

Regards, Holger

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musical-artifacts.com might be a good place.

I agree that we shouldn’t even try to use their pedalboard system. MOD is using the pedalboard sharing feature and the hardware as the only things that prevent other manufacturers from making knockoffs and underselling them after MOD made all this investment in the software. AFAIK they’re struggling already financially.


hi there using stereo audio injector card getting audio out ok but can only hear audio in by enabling output mixer line bypass but then no effects are applied. i installed using the audioinjector-setup…sh file. any help much appreciated.

Could the Audio IN be presented as a Layer?

Sorry, i can’t see the point in doing this … you should elaborate a little bit more, please :wink:
Exactly, what missing features would you like to have?

here are my settings. do they look ok

am using krazy kalimba patch can only get audio through by un muting output mixer line bypass?

Mine is working like that:

Using “LINE-IN” (with a pre-amp) as audio input.


I believe that making the audio input available as a layer in the standard zynthian interface( if you are using an audio injector card) would allow an simple way of providing an external input (cd, player, audio input etc) with a volume control to a zynthian.

It would simply consist of an extra layer engine… audio In with a single volume control.

At present we have no way of providing such a facility without using the MOD which requires a separate web interface.

Until we have a way of playing ogg/mp3/wav files then this provides an easy way of providing the ability to play along with a sperate audio source without requiring an extenal mixer.

A personal use case is using a zynthian as a guitar amp so I can monitor using the headphone jack and play bass pedals using the zynthian via MIDI. This way I get control of all my signal outputs before sending it to the on stage mix. and it saves stage clutter.

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Currently, any audio processing in Zynthian must be done with MOD-UI. I don’t see that an audio input layer has sense, but your proposal has inspired to me the idea of an “audio-mixer-layer”.

We could create a special layer that maps directly to the alsa mixer and allows to adjust the audio device input and output levels, among others.

What do you think?



the webconf has something already?!

Yes. I was thinking of using your code for the Zynthian UI layer implementation :wink:

Or perhaps you want to surf this wave? It could be a funny development … :innocent:

actually i am about to surf into this midi hanging note thing. first.
When I plug in an additional USB Midi interface, i get the weirdest behaviour…but I haven’t used the new feature in the webconf yet.

And even without, my Fatar keyboard crashes often. In the past I only had this behaviour with a GM module.
I can provide more information tonight.

OK! It’s an important problem! Many people have reported this kind of problems.
I would like to work on it too, but i don’t have a “problematic” keyboard. My current keyboards works quite well so i can’t reproduce the problem.

Then, i will surf the mixer-layer wave … :wink:


That sounds like the kind of thing. I agree any processing is well outside of the scope of what is needed really. It’s just a way of allowing a simple additive mix,

indeed one could chain multiple zynth’s that way if one were thinking along those lines . . .
subject , of course, to in/out latency.

I am owner of an Audioinjector Zero now and successfully installed it.
On top of a raspi3!
The Audioconfig seems to be the same as the one we have for Audioinjector.

Then I saw, that the Alsa volume slider didn’t work anymore.
I fixed that and added the capture slider as well.

Regarding hanging notes.
Could someone check the following scenario:
Have two keyboards connected to the zynthian. The second with USB-Midi interface (i was using one that only has one 5pin connector and can be used as In or Out)
Create a layer with a FluidSynth sound.
Play the piano that is connected at the Non-USB-Midi-Interface.
I get a looping f1 (4 times in the second)
This doesn’t occur with other engines than FluidSynth
When I send a midi event (note, volume,pitch bend, doesn’t matter which), the looping disappears.
And this only happens with my Roland A180 as USB-Midi connected keyboard. When I hook the D50 to the USB-Midi, this doesn’t occur.