Zynthian Box with Audio-input (Audioinjector soundcard)


We had problems with AS but now it should be working OK. AFAIK, the only MIDI commands that should create problems are “big” SysEx sequences.

Anyway, a bug could be hidden, but i would need a way to reproduce the error…



I don’t know if this is the best thread to ask but, Is it usually cheaper to 3D Print a case (like with Shapeways) than to get a lasercut version made? I found the lasercut file for the AudioInjector version but I guess I’d have to modify the cutout for a 3.5" screen? Also add MIDI-Thru. There is no finished design for this in 3D Print or Lasercut, right? Best bet is to learn Blender basics?


My AudioInjector boards just arrived and I want to build a second Zynthian with a 3.5" screen and a MIDI Thru. Modifying the laser files to accommodate is now on my short list. I’m still kind of busy, but I will be posting my updated case onto github soon (I hope). I’ll also try to post some photos of the case when it’s done.


Well, here’s my first prototype laser-cut AudioInjector Zynthian box. I rotated the Pi and card 90° to allow direct access to all the I/Os. Unfortunately, the All-in-One board is just a bit too long to fit nicely in the standard sized case with a rotated brain. I’ve got a few ideas though, like mounting it at 45° and also cutting it into 2 pieces. Perhaps I’ll give both a go. Notice the 3 holes for MIDI IN, THRU and OUT. I’ll also add some holes for the LEDs. Love to have your comments and suggestions.


:grinning::grinning::grinning: I don’t have any suggestions right now but this is very exciting! I love how compact it’s looking! Maybe the all-in-one could be mounted higher with custom wiring and wood as standoffs? Then I imagine it would be half hovering over the audioInjector, and I also don’t know it that’s good for heat etc? I have no experience with any Zynthian case in person. Ok I guess had I some ideas :slight_smile: Oh! One thing I can’t see is if there’s access on the bottom to change out the SD card. I realized I couldn’t get to it when I was just trying to mount mine to a board, so I had to raise the RPi up about an inch with some plastic so I could barely access the card.

I’m always dreaming up weird case designs in my head, like a very short in height rack-style Zynthian with the 4 encoders and screen facing 90 degrees forwards. (like that amazing metal one someone made but a lot smaller and thinner.)

Or spreading everything out horizontally, also very short height, with extra encoders. It would take up more desk space though.


Do You Mean …Success Cases


Not easy to beat!! @Schpion put the level really high!! :star_struck:


I can’t seem to in-bed an image from that thread here. . … .


Easy, my friend. From your browser’s left-click menu, copy “Image’s URL” and after paste like that:




Besides that, @rockwater meant the recent metal rack, but as U1.


@mheidt better explained the one I was thinking of, I should have linked it! Yes 1U maybe 19" or half-rack would be pretty great, could fit that in with eurorack/modular system case but I’d still want good usability. Now that’s got me thinking of a Zynthian mounted by the narrow edge in eurorack format. Like these:

But with all ports re-wired to be front-facing.
Mounted this way behind or next to it:


Huge one:


Terminal Tedium is similar but entirely Pure Data I believe, Raspberry Pi behind the panel, or just entire touchscreen next to it I linked the other day too:

But I also have LOVED that small metal case, that was amazing, I think that’s how I discovered that small DAC as well!


Well, works for now haha! Cardboard and zip-ties! Ports pretty stable actually. Deserves a better home, I don’t like janky looking stuff. But first time all in one box, so that’s a good feeling.