Zynthian buster image link broken? [SOLVED!]

Hi guys.
I am making the preparations to build a Zynthian but i don’t seem to find a working link for the zynthian image for the SD card.
When i go to the wiki page and press the image link https://os.zynthian.org/2019-09-24-zynthianos-buster-lite-1.0.0-RC1.zip it returns with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS with a This page couldn’t be found error (Sorry it’s in Portuguese there can be some difference in the translation).
Do i have to go with building it myself?

I tried with Google Chrome in 2 Windows 10 Pcs (also tried with Edge and IE) and a Ubuntu 19 one.

Yes it does go down occasionally I’ve just tried it …

But there are no cookies ( according to chrome developer to clear …)

Hi wyleu.
Thanks for the confirmation, i now know it is not me :wink:
I will be trying during the next days.

Once again, thank you.


It’s back up. . . .

Hi @Ripper!

I’ve restarted the service and now it’s working normally.
I will try to solve the problems with our servers ASAP.


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Thanks wyleu

Thanks jofemodo