Zynthian control as a plugin?


Hi everyone,

I have been playing and testing my Zynthian for a month now and I could not be happier. This is an amazing little box.

At first I wanted it so I could get away from my screen but i found myself using Zynthian a lot in my studio workflow as well.

So far, my process is to document it’s setting for each track I record with Zynthian, which is fine because it’s good practice to do so. Though, I am wondering whether it would be possible to have the Zynthian interface directly inside my DAW.

If I understand correctly, the interface that appears on the touch screen communicate via OSC to the audio cores. How difficult would it be to have the same interface as an LV2 plugins that could connect via MIDI or OSC? If only to recall presets that are already on the device.

What do you think ?


The OSC server is on the TODO list.