Zynthian converts OBX-d fxb to lv2 format, but it does not update the preset list in /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/lv2

Hi all! Please help, I promise not to create any new work lol!

The workflow is:

Build OBX-d bank on the Mac using a Prophet 6 controller map
Export the bank in fxb format
Import the bank using zynthian.local/lib-presets
Learn a smaller MIDI controller set in the Zynthian
Save the snapshot

The Zynthian creates a lv2 preset folder in /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/lv2, but it does not update the bank list. When I copy it to zynthian-data, the list does not update.

Here are the program banks that were created in OBX-d v2.6 and exported from v2.8.

112022obxd28sam.fxb.zip (6.9 KB)

Obxd_112022obxd28sam.presets.lv2.zip (63.8 KB)

Thank you for your help, enjoy!


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Hello !

Like @jofemodo said, you always have to press ‘search for new presets and plugins’ in LV2 tab in webconf to update presets list in zynthian.

It’s a long process but it’s required !

After adding new LV2 presets you ALWAYS have to click the “search for new plugins and presets” button from the LV2 tab. I now it’s tedious, but until we have a better solution, this is the only way

Thank you @Tabula and @jofemodo - I missed that part of the manual lol! It worked.

BTW the Search function is under the Software tab.

For OBX-d, after conversion, the voice count defaults to 3, but I can work with that.

Thank you!

Happy World Cup! Sam

Good morning, @Tabula and all!
It appears that this procedure is not functioning for Dexed presets in this current firmware version for neither of my two Zynthians. Is this an issue anyone else has noticed?

I just uploaded my native TX7 (DX7) banks. They list and play as expected, without software update.

Try this file:

DX7II fulltines.syx (4.0 KB)

Or this file:

SAMS TX7 chicago2.syx (4.0 KB)


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