Zynthian development in a (ARM) VM?

Hi @ll,

I just wondering if there is a possibility to create a “virtualbox” or “qemu” image which emulates a Raspi(3)/ARM for developing Zynthian images?

I googled and found some hints - but everything not really easy or outdated… does anyone has heard about that or can create such an environment?

Regards, Holger


or/and this

Hi @C0d3man,

I’ve found an interesting site explaining how to install raspberry qemu emulation over windows. I didn’t try to be honest but looks promising. Apparently, when install pocess is completed, you will get “pixel” desktop. What I wonder if it will be a way to emulate gpio, or a way to emulate soundcards (I don’t know whether or not you will need it).


Regards, Jose


qemu-system-arm -kernel /home/markus/Downloads/kernel-qemu-4.4.34-jessie -cpu arm1176 -m 256 -M versatilepb -no-reboot -serial stdio -append “root=/dev/sda2 panic=1 rootfstype=ext4 rw init=/bin/bash” -drive “file=/home/markus/Downloads/zynthian_gorgona_rbpi2-2016-12-22.img,index=0,media=disk,format=raw” -redir tcp:2222::22
pulseaudio: set_sink_input_volume() failed
pulseaudio: Reason: Invalid argument
pulseaudio: set_sink_input_mute() failed
pulseaudio: Reason: Invalid argument
Uncompressing Linux… done, booting the kernel.

And then it reboots, which means game over.
at home i will check, which kernel gorgona expects.

this was my last shattered dream:

qemu-system-arm -kernel ~/Downloads/kernel7.img -cpu arm1176 -M versatilepb -append “root=/dev/sda2 rootfstype=ext4” -hda /home/markus/Downloads/zynthian_gorgona_rbpi2-2016-12-22.img

I took the kernel7.img from the gorgona image.
But what I got is a black screen.

New versions of qemu-system-arm have -M raspi2…but not for ubuntu. Maybe a windows person could try.


This seems to be not easy.