[Zynthian Emulator] Problem in using LinuxSampler

hi, I am new to Zynthan and it is a really cool project, there is a problem when I try to select LinuxSampler

  • After selecting the engine selected “Linux Sampler”, it lets me to select the bank (in emulator) and I selected “1>”

  • However, it did not let me to select the GIG files in the directory

  • Error returned from application
    Getting Bank List for LinuxSampler
    ERROR: zynthian_gui.zyncoder_read() => list index out of range (it was not shown when I am using fluidsynth)

  • Directory structure of /home/pi/zynthian/zynthian-ui/data/soundfonts
    Front_Center.wav Front_Left.wav Front_Right.wav Noise.wav Rear_Center.wav Rear_Left.wav Rear_Right.wav Side_Left.wav Side_Right.wav
    TaijiguyGigaTron_switched.gig maestro_concert_grand_v2.gig philharmonia_brass_tuba_long.gig philharmonia_violin_medium.gig
    FluidR3_GM.sf2 FluidR3_GS.sf2 TimGM6mb.sf2

  • After tracing the source code, the problem should be in the function “load_bank_dirlist” in zynthian_engine.py which is used in LinuxSampler (not in Fluidsynth)

Any clue?


P.S. it seems that we can simplify the startup of emulator by updating the /home/pi/zynthian/zynthian-emuface/zynthian_gui_emu.sh (no need to start with 4 terminals)


#start Alsa -> jack midi bridge and auto-connect
(sleep 5; /usr/bin/a2jmidid -e )&
(sleep 5; /home/pi/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynthian_autoconnect_jack.py) &

cd …/zynthian-ui
exec ./zynthian_gui.py $1

Hi @Xellosdark

welcome to Zynthian!

I have not much time to check on my Zynthian. Do you have tried to update the software? Try to press controller 2 (back) until you get some menu entries called “Update *”. DO NOT UPDATE THE SYSTEM! (sorry, I think this is currently broken and will be fixed soon - I hope). I you have done this: write an new SD image- sorry, you can’t go back… But you can do the other updates. Reboot and try again.

If I have time I will take a look at this at weekend.

Regards, Holger

Hi @Xellosdark!

Welcome to Zynthian’s community!

@C0d3man, I think @Xellosdark’s question is about the Zynthian emulator, not a real “hardware zynthian” unit :wink:

@Xellosdark, for me, emulator is working perfectly and can’t reproduce the error. Are you using the last version from repository (master branch)? Have you checked file/directory permissions in soundfont directory?

Regarding your improved script for avoiding opening 3 terminals, take into account that Zynthian Emulator is used for developping the Zynthian’s software, not for playing, so, the 3 terminals are desirable as you get separated output from each program. Anyway, thanks for the script! Perhaps some emulator users would like to use it :wink:


Thanks for the advice and let me try to update the scripts soon (in fact, I have download the script from git yesterday)

Currently, I am building my zynthian with using Raspberry 7" LCD + my old SoundBlaster THX (USB) + midi cable and this is the reason why I am using emulator as the UI (and the emulator is wonderful for my case)

Many thanks.

Woaooo! I never thought that the emulator would be used in such a way! Please, send some photos when your zynthian is working … :wink:


Ahh - ok… forgot that there is the emulator and that is used for making music :slight_smile:

Another item reported on zynaddsubfx

  • it failed to start (process “defun”) and the problem should be in the function “init” of ~/zynthian/zynthian-ui/zyngine/zynthian_engine_zynaddsubfx.py
  • It is fixed by changing
    From: self.command=("/usr/local/bin/zynaddsubfx", “-O”, self.audio_driver, “-I”, self.midi_driver, “-P”, str(self.osc_target_port), “-l”, self.conf_dir+"/zasfx_10ch.xmz", “-a”)
    To: self.command=("/usr/local/bin/zynaddsubfx", “-O”, self.audio_driver, “-I”, self.midi_driver, “-P”, str(self.osc_target_port), “-l”, self.conf_dir+"/zasfx_10ch.xmz", “-a”, “–no-gui”)
  • Version used is 2.5.4 (it was created based on the script setup_system_rbpi_jessie.sh)

For zynaddsubfx, maybe it is because the my setting of remote display is not correct, my setting does not fit the requirement of self.config_remote_display, please ignore the previous message

Sorry for inconvenience.