Zynthian emulator

I’ve been trying to get the emulator up and going. It’s gone a long way but it is not getting all the way there and I’m a bit stuck.

The process according to the wiki is reasonably simple.
1)Set up the environment. I’m running ubuntu but the debian jessie script works a treat for this
2) qjackctl &

This also works fine and starts up


There’s no mention of needing to do anything with this screen. Is anything else needed?

3)cd zynthian
cd zynthian-ui

This is not right. There is no zynthian_autoconnect_jack.py is the zynthian-ui folder. There is however a zynthian_autoconnect.py in the zynautoconnect subfolder.This apparently runs without error but I’m not sure it really does anything.

4)cd zynthian
cd zynthian-emuface

This also runs fine and starts up the emulator. However, it’s not complete. It has the encoders but no ui as in

I’m guessing there’s more setup to be done that I’m missing. Any ideas what?

Hi @oily_wagg!

This is not the easiest way of getting started on Zynthian. The emulator works perfectly, but the documentation is not up-to-date, and i’ve no time for updating it. Sorry.

You could try to run the UI standalone, without the emulator gui-shell: zynthian-ui/zynthian_gui.py

If it works, you can create a script that export the needed environment vars for adjusting the display with, etc.
Somthing like:

export DISPLAY_WIDTH="320"
export DISPLAY_HEIGHT="240"

If it doesn’t work, then send the output log …


An initial run of that gives

ImportError: No module named ‘websocket’

A ‘sudo pip install websocket’ works but doesn’t seem to change the problem. I’ll keep trying

You have to install python3 versions. Try with pip3 :wink:

Next error

ImportError: No module named ‘_tkinter’, please install the python3-tk package

pip, pip2 and pip3 don’t seem able to find the python3-tk package

Have I mentioned that I’ve never coded a line of python?

Maybe I should do a tutorial rather than bothering you all the time

I’m past that now. sudo apt-get install python3-tk got rid of that one

sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk

sudo apt-get install python3-pil.imagetk

Finally got me


I guess I may only have needed the second of those installs