Zynthian error splashscreen even reinstalling It totally

Hi, just last chance before rebuilding SD Image from scratch, maybe you can help:
Zynthian remains faulty (webconf works) even after Total reinstalling After deleting Zynthian folder. Will post the log starting ui from terminal as soon as possibile…

I have had some very strange installation issues and found out that they are related to a wrong system time. The system time is necessary for encrypted connections (TLS/SSL) and if the system time drifts to much away from the current time the connection for downloading/installing fails and you get a half configured package.

Maybe it is worth to try

htpdate -t -s www.isc.org

before installing. This should set the system clock by a timestamp from a webserver. ntpdate may also help, but NTP is sometimes forbidden in some networks.

Regards, Holger

yes, i saw this message as well.
But i thought i messed it up…i installed a network time thingy when I saw, that the zynthian was several hours away.

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i believe i got too messy os… restarted from scratch… but will check date … thanks

It’s strange. Gorgona images use htpdate by default. You can check it by running “pstree”.
My Zynthian Boxes get the right time when connected to the Internet… :thinking:


yes, actually time was right… i really destroyed deeply :smiley:

ok, restored… to last update, i hope… but… encoders works except for push… function on touch works…
any idea? what did i miss?


Wiring? You opened box for SD? Check real wiring

done already. but, all four encoders works, only push doesn’t … i have 2 additional push buttons too… and these are soldered.

update: i had to switch wiring setup on webconf to another layout, then recalling prototype 4 again. Encoders and push now works

This means, that the prototype value and the single wiring values were out of sync in the actual configuration file. You installed from scratch and didn’t change anything?

When i reported the issue, Yes… i restarted from scratch. Such as first run. yesterday i also noticed that touchscreen lost alignment alot… … But for this i don’t really know if it’s co-related.