Zynthian freezes

I have the latest version of Zynthian on a PI4B and i might have two issues:

  • when I try to remove all layers, zynthian freezes
  • when I try to add a synth like DrumSynth, Zynthian freezes. Not when I add another Fluidsynth.
  • when I try to add obxd, Zynthian freezes.

In the Layers there are:

  • Fluidpianos on midi ch 1
  • Fluidstrings/Cello on midi ch2
  • Raffosynth/Angrysweep om midi ch3

I am a bit lost now. I am probably messing things up, or is this a bug?

Have you performed an update? Please post your webconf main page here which will show a lot of info about your device.

Is this what you mean?
Updates are done on a regular basis.
I use a abelectronics IO PI Plus board to connect the rotary switches.