Zynthian Kits


Hello everybody and happy Christmas.

My Raspb 3 and HiFi Berry DAC+ are ordered!

Now, making economies. Till end January I hope to receive the rest of the kit, case included.

Happy New Year.


Hi @Mister_Carrington!
We wil be waiting for your news!! :wink:

Happy New Year!:tada:


Hi! I love the sound of this project. I’m interested in building a Zynthian. I’d like to purchase the “Zynthian Kit + Aluminum Case Kit” bundle. I live in Seattle, WA.

PM me, please!


Hi jofemodo,

How can I order an "Aluminum Case Kit"
how to contact you directly by private message ?


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i would like to buy the zynthian Kit. Please contact me, i don’t know how to write a private massage… ;-(
best regards


Hi there,

I’d really like to purchase the Zynthian Bundle All Kit pre-built. Would be possible to buy it without the Pi? I already have a couple of 3s that a I can use. Could you replay here or send me a PM?

Thank you!


Hi, would like to buy a Zynthian Kit pre-built + Auluminium Case Kit. Contact me please!


Hi, I want to buy one Zynthian Basic Kit + Aluminum Case Kit with shipping to France. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Jofemodo, I’would like to order the Zynthian Bundle All Kit (250€ + shipping). Please contact me!


Hello Jofemodo, I’would like to order the Zynthian Bundle All Kit (250€ + shipping to the Netherlands ). Please send me your bank transfer details!


Hi ! Actually I’ve just sent you an email but figured out it would be more clever to post here.

I intend (at last !) to get a Zynthian box. However I have a minimalistic AMP that behaves as a (Linux supported) USB DAC. Does Zynthian support USB DAC, with no additional lag ?

Is there any issue when using the Zynthian case without the Hifiberry ?

cheers !


Hi Mahen!

USB audio interfaces are not very recommended, but you can use it with Zynthian and normally it should work without problem. Of course, you would need to change some lines in the configuration files :wink:



I would like to order a completely assembled box, but short of that, the assembly kit that requires least amount of time. Prefer no soldering. Willing to pay quite a bit in USD $

I private messaged but just wanted to be sure.




I’ve already contacted you through private msg.
But for security I also ask here!
How do i buy a kit?
thank you so much


Hi there… I’m glad to join. It’s about long time I dreamed a hardware synth with zynaddsubfx core, without messing with laptops… You made more than this. So, I would be interested in Zynthian Bundle All Alu-case Kit. Or wooden variant, if shipping costs are a bit expensive. I live in Italy (Sicily) . Please let me know everything regarding total prices, etc. Thanks in advance…


…another italian Zynthianer :smiley:



What Zynthian kits and pre-built options do you currently have available? And are the prices the same as in your September 2016 post?


Sean Keogh


Hi @keoghs!

The prices and availabilities in the post’s table are updated regularly.