Zynthian low output volume [SOLVED]

Dear all,

I’m new at the Zynthian community so I apologize in advance if I’m asking help on something that is already solved.

I just built my Zynthian using a V2 kit. Everything is working fine and it passed the tests. However, the output volume of the Zynthian is very low. I selected the maximum output volume for the instruments I tested but I still got low volume compared with my other synths. I’m using the jack outputs directly to my RME audio interface and only a quarter of the volume metter got iluminated (being the volume of the input at maximum level). I would like to ask the community if it is the usual output volume or maybe I did something wrong.



It might be a good idea to grab some audio using the record audio feature in admin. If you select the fluid synth GM piano or such and play a low note and a high note and then upload the file ( you will probably have to convert it to MP-3 to meet site size requirements) then we will at least get an idea of what the zynth is putting out.

I’d like a few test tones at various levels for just such an occasion ( and as soon as I said it I thought of someone to do them . . . )

Dear wyleu,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I managed to fix the issue!!. Checking again the output when trying to record some sounds I used this time the RCA output connectors…and they worked right. So, I suspected that something should be wrong in the jack connectors. There, the soldering was the better candidate and indeed it was the cause of the issue. I used the ring instead the tip. I changed the wires inside the Zynthian box and now it is working properly. However, I have to say that I checked the pictures in the tutorial that I used during the mounting process and I did it as it is shown there, so maybe the same issue will raise to other people.

I will try to upload some sound as soon as I become more familiar with my Zynthian.



Opens big book of spells and makes notes . . . :smiley: