Zynthian MIDI->audio latency measurements

Hi Zynthianiacs,

this is something I’d like to do over the last year - and now I had some time to build my small DSO (a Bitscope-Micro with a 7" HDMI touch and a RPi2):

I created a simple test-adapter for MIDI and audio…

… and tested MIDI->audio latency of the standard Zynthian:

Here are the results. First I used the normal setup for the audio interface: 44.1kHz and 256 bytes of buffer. I tried several engines:


Linuxsampler with Synth/PadSynth:

MOD-UI with Dexed/FM-Piano

Pianoteq and MOD-UI have a latency of 16ms. Linuxsampler has a little bit more, about 24ms.

Now I restarted with a setup of 44.1kHz and a buffer size of 128:




Hmmm… different picture: Pianoteq about 15ms, Linuxsampler 12ms, MOD-UI 11ms…

I think I will try again the next days and see if I can find out if there were measurement problems or if this result is reproducable.

Just for comparision: The follwing measurements are made with my 30 years old Roland-D110. Remark: the time-base is changed from 5ms to 1ms, so the latency is about 4ms!!!

Regards, Holger


Hi Holger!

Interesting results. In theory, all engines working under Jackd should have the same latency when using the same parameters… but real life is always more funny than theory :wink:


Not if the engine has latency - like Pianoteq. It depends on the algorithm. But my results are strange. IMHO Linuxsampler has no latency, but Pianoteq has. So Pianoteq has to have the higher latency and not Linuxsampler… strange. I will take a deeper look at this the next days.

Regards, Holger