Zynthian on a pop music album

I am occasionally collaborating with a musician friend from Bologna who is recording an album. I sent him a piano track for one of his pieces made with Zynthian Pianoteq’s Steinway model D jazz…it seems to have been accepted…
I am attaching only the piano track (unfortunately in Mp3) for copyright reasons…the original (.Wav) weighed too much. The track is played, not midi (which I hate enough). Long live the Zynthian.


Great!! It sounds really nice! Please, send the link when the album is published somewhere :wink:

Of course!!!

Absolutely beautiful!! For everyone who loves this kind of piano music please have a look at the new release „homes“ of Essbjörn Svensson who unfortunately passed away at very young age in 2008.

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I didn’t know Essbjörn Svensson, I’m pleasantly listening to him. He’s not my genre (not even the one I’ve recorded) but when something is beautiful and with elaborate chords, you listen willingly. Thank you

Superbe :slight_smile:

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A piece of demo… Unmixed and unprocessed…


It reminds me of Vasco Rossi.

My friend is from Bologna and therefore there will certainly be an influence… :slightly_smiling_face: