Zynthian on stage - It works super reliably

I used Zynthian for our band the last 5 years. Because of covid, we only had smaller gigs during this time. But last week we finally played a longer concert in our rehearsal room. I always have my Zynthian v4 there and use it on the songs where I get to play piano (instead of guitar). For the songs I use Pianoteq’s Rhodes and ZynAddSubFX (the pads are awesome!).

Enclosed a photo as :face_with_monocle:

I’m not so easy to see, because our singer has once again put himself in the foreground :slight_smile:

All in all, I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with my Zynthian. I wouldn’t want to use any other synth. I have such a great selection of extremely different extremly good sounding sounds in an extremely compact package - I am and will always be delighted with the Zynthian.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


You have skillfully managed to hide behind the singer!

Have you considered using Zynthian for guitar effects? What is the tablet doing? It looks like it has faders on it. (I love the headless Hohner Jack Bass. I have one and wouldn’t play any other bass guitar. Others are too heavy man!)

It is interesting that this is your rehearsal space. You look like you are in a performance space. I prefer to circle the wagons when rehearsing so that we are looking at each other. (Some others may prefer not to look at me!!!)

Yes, I did that really cleverly, didn’t I? But I was there (the Zebra guitar strap):

Yes, but I am playing mostly only with the tube distortion of my H&K amp. For clean sounds I am using the buildin chorus and phaser. The amp has a very good sound (for my ears).
At home I am currently using MODEP with AIDA-X as amp simulation. There are cool toneprints at their cloud.

It’s the controller for our mixer (a Soundcraft Ui24R behind the “stage”, with two multicores on the left and right onto the stage). This mixer fits perfect for us because we can store multiple different setups.

That’s what our bass-man also says about his instrument. He playes his bass for over 30 years now.

Before having this room we played in the church (much natural reverb :slight_smile: ). We used the “circle of wagons scene” for this because we had to set up and dismantle everything for every rehearsal. After we got this room, we decided to add personal monitoring and use this setup like playing a gig. This was quite good for us, because we had a lot of time to optimize the sound for the stage and the audience (e.g. the guitar sounds were loud enough so that we only had to add a little height of the guitars on the PA to get a balanced sound.) The “look at each other” feeling is only possible for the guitarists and the singer - we are cableless :slight_smile:

BTW: I created a small footcontroller boards with an Arduino to drive our 4 DMX spots/bars (the silver box before my monitor box on the top photo). It can serve color fades at different speeds and it can play sounds from a buildin MP3 player as fx sounds (like a storm at the beginning of one of our songs).

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I love it all man! It looks like a really good setup. I like to do somethink very similar but my aim is to use Zynthian for many of these things, e.g. Zynthian with a USB multi-port soundcard can act as the mixer. I can use it as my guitar effects and keyboard extender. It can also play sound effects but not control lighting (yet!!!). So I can do a lot of what you do but all within the Zynthian.

When I was in high school I built a MIDI lighting controller as my Technology subject project. This was before DMX was invented. I still have the blue aluminium box I fabricated with the (eurorack style) slot in cards. I have no intention of making it work but can’t throw it away. It is part of my history.


I just thought of a case for my Roland-MIDI-Master with my Zynthian and another RPi with MODDEP/MODUI and a 10" screen for my guitar-setup (and a power-supply for all). No external tube-amp - directly into the PA/monitoring.

I will not try to add more complexity to my setup by using the ZYnthian as a mixing console… the UI24 is much more powerful for this - we can record 24 lines directly in the mixer. I was afraid that an RPi would then generate dropouts…

Yes - you already have the solution but Zynthian can also do that! Of course the poor Raspberry Pi 4 will struggle to keep up at some point.