Zynthian + Orba2

Hello again,
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I’m still really enjoying my zynthian. I recently acquired an Orba 2 and would like to map the keys to my zynthian. For the most part they work out of the box, but the big A button brings up the snapshot screen which is undesirable.

Would you please help me figure out how to disable that somehow, out perhaps just point me in the direction of losing a custom midi profile for when I plan to use the orba? Page 45 of this user manual shows the exact configurations I would need:

Thank you, and if I figure out an elegant solution I will share with both the zynthian and the orba communities.

HI @TrippyTips !

I think this will be best adressed as a public thread.

Zynthian can be controlled using MIDI messages (note-on) in the Master Channel. The current control API, called CUIA, is unidirectional and quite limited, but we a new and better API is on the way. Until then, you can use the CUIA with this mapping:


If the big A button is triggering a zynthian-ui event (opening the snapshot screen), this buttons is sending a note event in the master channel, probably note-on 83. You could try disabling master channel on zynthian, or re-mapping the A button in the Orba.