Zynthian OS differences

I tried the Zynthian OS from 03/01 and generally it started up just fine with a original zynthian.

  • The wifi hotspot is not shown on my computer. When I connect via Ethernet and look into the WIFI panel, the checkbox which let me disable it, is not shown.
  • We need to have a warning shown in the webconf-dashboard, that you need to regenerate the keys, when you start it for the first time.
  • One thing for the wiki @gmeader : Now you have to call su root, before you can run zynthian.sh or zynthian-webconf.sh (in case you want to see the log messages)

It should be available out-the-box. I will confirm on next week.

There is an autoregeneration script that should do that on first boot, but it’s failing. I will fix it ASAP.

No. Please DON’T USE PI USER and don’t document anything about it. It could be removed without warning. ZynthianOS, same than Gorgona image, uses root as main system user. Everything related with zynthian run with root user permissions. If you want to access by SSH, you should be using root user. The “pi” user is ONLY being used by the building system (CustomPiOS), but this could change in the future as “pi” user could be completely removed from system.

So please, no “sudo” is needed in scripts and no need to think about permissions, etc. Zynthian is an embeded system and things are simpler like this: Everything runs as root!

Probably some purist will try to convince to me of using a multi-user approach, and of course, i completely open to discuss about it, although they have a hard work to do … :grin:


I thought, because of security reasons, we agreed on disabling the root login?

Ups! Perhaps i didn’t explain the subject very well and you have missunderstood … :wink: