Zynthian OS Update issue

Hello everybody, Zynthianers,

I was just wondering what should be the most reliable and conventient method for updating the Zynthian v4 OS.

Following the online manual advice, I have chosen the way of feeding data into the Zynth through a RJ-45 ethernet cable, hooked to a laptop which in turn is connected to my home net via wifi.

To this end, I have switched off the on-board wifi card of the synthesiser module (in the Admin menu), and, once located the IP address of the Zynthian as a virtual external server, I have been able to successfully browse the webconfig app, installing Pianoteq, checking the LV2 plugins, etc.

Only problem: if I attempt to update the OS software within the webconfig software menu, a text message appears soon during the process, notifying me that the web connection has not been able to “resolve” (meaning “open”, I believe) the Zynthian-sys.git resource on the GitHub site.

While the update procedure reaches a successful end apparently, the OS is still stuck in a May 2020 release, thus not showing any signs of an actual update.

Is there something wrong in my course of action, or the only effective way for updating the Zynthian is to extract the SD card from the bottom of the synthesiser enclosure, then resetting it with the etching of the latest OS?

Thanks for any possible explanations/suggestions.

All best wishes

Hi @Aethermind

With the Zynthian connected to your laptop it does not have a path to the Internet because your laptop is not routing traffic onwards. You need to connect the Zynthian to the Internet, e.g. plug is network cable to you network switch / hub / router or enable it’s WiFi and connect to your WiFi network.


It should be possible to bridge the WLAN connection with the wired NIC.
But depending on your OS it might require some effort to get it going.

But the easiest and most stable solution is a wired connection from the router/switch to the Zynth.