Zynthian + PaulStretch

Has anyone managed to get PaulStretch working on their Zynthian?

There’s a VST plugin version, with source but it says in the Zynthian Wiki that only LV2 plugins are supported at this time. Is that still true?

I presume without an LV2 plugin version compiled for ARM Linux, getting this working will be either impossible, or an uphill battle?

Some links:

Alternatively, is there a similar plugin that is included with / easily installed on the Zynthian?

An uphill battle but certainly not impossible. The problem with VST is hosting the plugin. We have a nice lightweight solution for lv2 with jalv. For VST we’d need to mangle about with Carla, which isn’t so svelte, or write something from scratch.
People do convert vst’s to lv2 using frameworks like DISTRHO.

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But this looks like a standalone application that will compile on Linux so probably avoid VST / LV2 and try to host application - though not sure the workflow that fits inside Zynthian.

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And what about integrating this:


into the stepsequencer pads?

Imagine you can load audiotracks on the pads and adjust tempo and pitch … Ohhhhhh yessssss!! I know you like it. And the integration of this tool seems really feasible.

In fact we should consider adding this to the current audio player too :wink:



Now that becomes very interesting…how long does it take to process?

You can go off people!


Realtime? :smile:

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Not before the Merge, of course :laughing:


I wrote and deleted comments about 6 or 7 times and then gave up… I didn’t want to upset anyone though… These were my main points…

  1. yes, i like this idea
    b) no, i don’t like feature creep
    iii) not before it is shipped!

@MrBroccoli Agreed! Let’s ship ZynSeq before we get any more crazy ideas! :grin:


LOVE this idea! And the other ideas in the thread!

I wouldn’t dream of asking @riban to shift his focus from ZynSeq just yet tho :slight_smile:

Oh don’t worry he codes for scraps…