Zynthian Project has a new Website!

Hi @zynthianers!

The new Zynthian’s Project Website is on-line:


It’s not totally finished and i’m pretty sure that you, as exigent people you are, will find erratas and bugs, but it’s time to go on-line, just in-time for the v4 release!!!

Please, don’t doubt to give me feedback about erratum, bugs, or more “philosophical aspects” …



Amazing… With the zynthian 4 release as well! What a day to be alive!

A lot of the sound samples from step sequencer onwards don’t play.

Well done @jofemodo. A couple of initial observations:

The first sound sample plays distorted on my phone (electric piano).

Spelling mistakes:

“separatelly” should be “separately”.
" multi-timbric" should be “multitimbral”.


This website looks…


There are places, though, where the drop-down menus become hard to read. Right here, for example, the word “Wiki” is right on top of the shiny metal knob…

But I don’t know if I want you to fix that… it looks way too cool! Well done!

Website looks grand!

Fixed! Thanks a lot!

Thanks @wyleu!
Could you be more verbose about the samples location, browser you use, etc?

It sound good for me. Could somebody else confirm the distortion? Perhaps it’s too loud?

Ohhh yes … i know that, but as you say, the effect is so nice that i don’t want to change it. Perhaps adding some shadow to the text could help a little bit … let me try :wink:
… it improves a little bit. Enough for me … :yum:

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My favorite image so far:

Seems OK now.

Very nice update. I’ve browsed through the website with my cellphone and eveything is okay.
But, may I suggest to showcase the step sequencer, wich is also a major feature of zynthian.

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I would really like us to move to the latest version of zynstep first so that uses see how it works now rather than that initial beta attempt.


As @riban says, first we have to move to Beta stage, merging all the new changes, but it will be done very soon :wink:



Wow!! I love the new website, congratulations !
The whole project is so appealing, the chapters are nicely explained, especially the part about the engines, I’m sure this will increase the popularity of the Zynthian even more.
To put it simply; I hesitated for a few weeks before ordering my V3 kit, but if this website would have been up back then I would have ordered it in five minutes time, and I’m not kidding!


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On the website main page there is a button, “Buy Kit V4” which does not work on my Android phone. The button, “Buy Kit V2” does work.

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It’s solved! Thanks @riban!

European law requires cookie message which is one of the most ridiculous implementations of a poorly thought out law!!! Anyway, it is law so you have to have the popup warning, grrr. The cookie warning on the website keeps popping up on each new visit which is ironic because if cookies are used then this is the kind of thing that would be recorded :wink:.


OK! Try now :wink: