Zynthian Remote

Hi all.
This is very much so a work in progress, but if you feel like trying it out and offering feedback at this early stage, that would help shape the direction this may all end up going.

Currently it only runs on Android (7.0 and higher) but an iOS version is possible depending on how much interest there is in this.

You can download the APK here.

To connect, enable hotspot mode on your Zynthian and connect your phone to its WiFi. That all, the app should auto connect.

Kind regards


Do I need one drive?

How great! Thanks!

A little confused by the dynamic background of the app…

No, you can just click on the file and then click on download. No account needed.


That background will soon be interchangeable with different options so you can customise the look of the app.

Kind regards

I’d like to register my interest in an iOS (iPadOS) version. I’m afraid I don’t have the skills to contribute to the development, but I’ll try to make useful comments if it goes ahead.