Zynthian Servers: Migration in Progress

Hi @zynthianers!

I’m migrating all zynthian servers from Xen (XCP-NG)) to KVM+LXC (Proxmox).
It’s not an easy migration, but now i’m sure that this is the way …

It’s been a year from the last migration, when i moved everything from an old barebones debian server to a brand new XCP-NG root server, but it’s been a bad decision (a bad combination of hardware+software) and we have “enjoyed” a lot of random crashes.
I’ve tried a lot of things, but with no luck. Finally i decided to rent a totally different machine, an AMD server with Ryzen technology, but it’s been impossible to install XCP-NG on it. So … after testing a little bit with Proxmox (KVM+LXC), i decided to migrate everything to it. It’s a hard way, but the paradise of stability is at the end …

FYI, the discourse server has been the first one to be migrated. I’m writing and you are reading this using the new server. If you think it’s the same than before, then everything is OK. The only difference should be the absence of crashes … :wink:



We use Proxmox at work so you at least have someone to help with any questions!

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Same here! :wink:

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