Zynthian shows exclamation mark on upper right corner



There is an exclamation mark shown on upper right corner which is not explained in http://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Zynthian_UI_Users_Guide#The_Status_Area, any idea?

My hardware: raspberry 3B, with Hifiberry DAC+

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This indicates x-runs. Sorry, the wiki hasn’t been updated since recent change to the status area.


I was hoping it would mean “Danger! Playing too awesome”

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Believe it if it makes you feel happy :rofl:. Just add those clicks and splats to your intended art.

@jofemodo I don’t have permission to change the wiki. (I don’t know what the rules are for that.) Will you update as appropriate?


thanks for reply. :grinning:



Hi @Xellosdark,

Congratulations I think you have shown the first on screen status sighting. :smiley:
You wouldn’t believe the discussion that’s been involved! :smiley:

It is interesting that you observe the symbol but do not comment on any audio noise.
If that is the case and I would hope that it is,
Then you are just seeing some higher level disturbance in the jack audio world where zynth puts all it’s audio together.

So thanks for the post . . .

It is part of my considerable contractual obligations to this site to request, with an iron hand in a velvet glove . . . .

A sample of zynth audio record to put onto the communal fire…! :slight_smile: