Zynthian Snapshot Contest Extended: 2 x V5 unit for the 2 winners!

let’s say i’m already that way, for external sequencer edit, zynthian is not close to pc but together with other gear, all i’ve done is thanks to vnc.

And actually unit became so laggy i wasn’t able anymore to record notes from external keyboard :grimacing::grimacing:

Hi @ivanmonterosso !

Good song!! Thanks a lot for your participation in the context!!

@zynthianers! I must say i hope to receive many more snapshots before the end of May. The reward is not so bad …

Ohhh! I don’t told you that we ordered a very limited series of 6 coloured aluminum case samples:

  • 2 x matt silver
  • 2 x matt gold
  • 2 x matt ruby (red)

One is for the contest winner, and the 2nd and 3rth could also get one of this unique units at a quite decent 50% off. Of course, the standard matt black will be an option too.



Oh, good idea ruby case :grin:

for sure hope to submit at least one more snapshot/midi combination.

Meanwhile i didn’t acquire enough practice to Record a song directly on zynseq :pensive: the way i prefer, recording an entire duration sequence for each track instead of chaining patterns. or maybe i missed some feature closer to classic method.

@ivanmonterosso Have you read the sequencer’s user guide on the wiki? One of the options is to use the “Arranger” view that behaves much like a traditional linear sequencer. It is still pattern based but you can place patterns on a timeline to cascade patterns in your composition. You can also add tracks to each sequence to allow continuous and simultaneous playback of multiple tracks of patterns. This is briefly described in the section on workflows.


Thanks for the update @jofemodo

The availability of alternative enclosure colours in limited numbers is a further motivational factor, for submitting an item in the V5 snapshot competition!

May-June is always busy for me, due to combined educational and musical activities, but I will try and find some spare time to concoct something valuable for the contest.

Best :wink:

Yes, I’ve read but it’s precisely the pattern chain method who is not my favourite workflow, at least for on the fly compositions. It’s more convenient if song already has a structure and must be separated into patterns.
But at least is good a ready multichannel SMF is translated into patterns and layers as is supposed to be :smiling_face:

I was working on my project for the contest, then my Zynthian crashed and won’t turn on anymore. I have a work in progress midi file but not a snapshot. Is there a way to recover it from the SD card in Windows?

hi, you could try to mount sd card on windows, boot partition is in fat32, you should be able to read, mount and so doing a scandisk, maybe it’s just a boot issue and not anything on ext4 partition,

just a try, nothing sure

Thanks, i was able to rebuild it by heart. I was lucky!

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Hi @jofemodo, here is the second submission:
Title: Show it better
Description: Mixed engines, mostly analog modeling, ZynAddSubFX . Reverb post-effects on
2 synth chains.

021-Show it better-Demo2.mid (18.8 KB)
021-Show it better-Demo2.zss (139.1 KB)

Tested playable without xruns (and with a very low cpu usage) on a RPI4 2Gb custom unit despite VNC server enabled.
With my v1 it’s practically impossible to play, even with vnc server disabled. Overloads as hell.


Whoao!! Excellent work, @ivanmonterosso !!

This is starting to grow, but we all want much more!! Many more!! A fantastic custom coloured V5 is worth it, dear @zynthianers!!


I enjoy the stereo effects: not too heavy, but sensible : well done.

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0.52 sounds really evil!! in a very good way…

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I have only one try left :smile:… Anyway each time i upload stuff, it sounds worse to my ears :grimacing::sweat_smile:

I really like it. The drum sound was nice and it reminded me of Matt Bianco’s sounds

I HATE the MP3 format… Lots of harmonics are lost…

@Jofemodo, change your server and let’s put some nice .Wav :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I didn’t care about mp3, recorded midi and captured wav both with zynthian :smile:

I said it in general, not about your song which I really like :star_struck:. I hate MP3 for various reasons and because my ears are allergic to this format… :grimacing:

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Hi everyone. First of all, my compliments to all the other partecipants!
I finally managed to complete my track for the contest. The title is “The seas of Mars” and the inspiration came from one of my favourite science fiction writers, Kim Stanley Robinson", who wrote a trilogy about the colonization of Mars. The whole story is complicated but at the end of the terraforming process, Mars have oceans. “The seas of Mars” is the image i created in my mind when i read this part.
It’s an instrumental synthwave-progressive rock track wich i played and modified using the sequencer of my Akai MPC One. I tried to make a full Zynthian version using the internal sequencer but i realized it would take a very long time.
I uploaded a pair of banks for ZynAddSubFX, wich i used for some presets, a .sf2 file wich contain a slightly modified version of “Power” drum machine to use with FluidSynth Player, the midi file, the mp3 and the snapshot.
I recorded some guitar parts using a patch i made on Zynthian (channel 7), then i mixed the track and guitars on my PC (i really don’t know if it’s possible to integrate everything inside the Zynthian).
That’s all. I will appreciate every comment, even the negative ones :grinning:, and every suggestion if i made some mistakes.

013-The seas of Mars.zss (40.6 KB)
Nicola Sulas - The seas of Mars.mid (145.0 KB)
A VDX Bank.zip (81.2 KB)
Alex_J.zip (246.7 KB)
FluidDrumsM.sf2 (14.4 MB)


Here’s my last chance… I put a title in Italian (sea undertow? :pleading_face:).

Title: Risacca

Risacca.mid (9.8 KB)
007-Contest3.zss (33.3 KB)

…and as always a nice score to improve or play these chords.
I reinserted the score because I had “only” forgotten a natural symbol

All parts are played (not written to MIDI) apart from the Drums which I wrote (do you hear that I’m not a drummer or percussionist? :roll_eyes: )