Zynthian sound samples?

Hi everyone,
Is there such a thing as a ‘Zynthian sound sample pool’ destined to create a (huge) collection of productions involving the use of a Zynthian?
I would like to share my (mostly future) work with the community, and if appreciated allow their presence on the wiki page I visited several months ago.

His name is @wyleu, and he is a merciless tyrant. :grin:

There really isn’t one place on the forum where you will find all the Zynthian sounds. Certainly they aren’t all on one thread. A lot of them are in the Zynthianic Sounds category, but, honestly, the sound clips show up wherever @zynthianers (and @wyleu :wink:) want them to.

So if you are looking to post some audio, you can post to an old topic in the Zynthianic Sounds category, or you can make a new one! Or you can just wait for @wyleu to :face_with_monocle: you (not recommended :fearful: :wink:).

All the best!


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Thanks Jack.
Wouldn’t adding an unique topic of audio be a good idea ?
This way others might find the way to ZynthCity much easier, helping the community to gain notoritiy…for now I demand audience and clemency from the scepter holding hand of @wyleu (I hope I got the formulation right!), asking his goodwill to spread the word (or at least the sound)

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But now if people search for Zynthian Sounds, they will find my explanation above.

It’s a growing concept !!
We’ve only just gained the ability to upload samples onto the zynth !!

In a previous life I maintained a sound effects library ( long gone) and the real ability of such a mechanism isn’t so much the location of the sound samples, but the ability to search,order and preview them quickly.
Normally reasonably easy within one library, if it’s classified by the same person that’s great, but if it’s a free for all ( and in this community it will be), it will be lots of various degrees of accuracy and commitment.
We have a mechanism to rename samples produced on the machine, and I suspect we will be attaching some form of hashed tag to any audio file that a zynth sees so we can uniquely identify specific files and sources. Obviously as we load on bits and pieces via the 'new ’ sample upload, we would extend that scheme so we have ANYTHING that’s been ’ throu the zynth is tagged.

If we can accurately tag we can also store Meta data, title length, format, dates, times, zynth user, etc and that will be a VERY basic search mechanism. Getting people to put things in categories is one of those processes that tends to die on the vine. One or two hardy souls are rigorous about it, and they produce cataloguing that is wonderful, which tends to improve access and use ( it made our contributors money). However the majority start filling everything in Miscellaneous ( which is probably the default).

There are a couple of discussions around here about this sort of thing in various threads ( I tend to use the phrase ‘hash’ in these discussions, so maybe search on that).

Basically it’s a scale able content management system . . . .

But IT’s a real sign of success that we are talking in these terms.

Suggestions welcome.

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Thanks for the detailed reply.
An easy way to an all-acces soundbase might be simply using the Wikipedia platform.
Allowing the users of the Zynthian to post their ‘sounds’ (maybe using different categories) might be the most user-friendly way to achieve this.

I, ofcourse, speak from a strictly ‘non PC specialist’ point of view. Let’s say I represent the button pushing crowd, just happy to create all sorts of sounds and share them with others. And willing to help this project to gain a larger public.

maybe an instance of something like funkwhale or reel2bits would be nice for this kind of task?

Yes, or simply something like Soundcloud might do the job too.

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yeah, but with soundcloud you’ll need somebody to manage the account, but on funkwhale or reel2bits anybody can have a personal account so everybody can upload

https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Zynthian_Sound_Demos are the bits piece jofe has collected…

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True, ofcourse. The simpler the better. The Wikipedia page seems an ok solution

This post is pointless without wav’s



This will draw thousands of enthusiast farters from all over the world

Weak, over eager, no follow throu’ and little or no sustain. . .

I reckon a decent synth implementation, from one of our several engines, could provide the sort of parameter & MIDI driven control that is required for this important session of audio research . . .

This is zynthian-touch.local using a Yeti USB Mic . . . .
All other details are a closely guarded secret but it didn’t involve any mains power and the accurate touchscreen makes this rather easy . . .


:face_with_monocle: Bon appétit old chap




And banjo players.



Hi @Vincent!
Have you tried simply this:


There are a few tracks there and it’s not a bad place for sharing audio tracks. Simply adding the hashtag #zynthian to the published tracks and we have all the power of a powerful audio-track clasification and search engine like soundcloud. Of course, we love to use the forum for that … it’s more funny :wink:
Anyway, i like to collect all the interesting pieces (surely i missed some) in the Wiki Audio Demos page…


Hi! Nice collection!! jeje!

I know many engine/presets you use it, but not all of them.
Curiously, your track 27 call to my mind the cut number 5 of the Sàpa album from Urmull & Kradak (aka @Humi). Could you remember to me the engine & preset? :innocent:


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I just added the last track, “zynthian-1” to the wiki’s sound demos …
Could you give some details about the engines & presets you use for this track?


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