Zynthian sound samples?

Hi José !

I used the “ZynAddSubFX/olivers-100/Mellow Echo Pad” for this little experiment. It’s part of a small project named ‘Arabian Nights’, which will lead me nowhere without a doubt but I like exploring. The beats have been created mangling the Octatrack.
I appreciate your feedback (a lot) and I will from now on post my ‘tracks’ involving the Zynthian directly here in this thread, with the Zynthian configuration details. I will now upload the track involved.

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Homebrew beat using Octatrack step sequencer
Bassline using Zynthian “ZY/Bass/Bass5” plus a hint of “Shiroverb”.

Hope our friend @wyleu will feed this to our monocled friend :face_with_monocle:


I love the atmospherics of these. I’ve always been partial to Arabic rhyhms. Is there an overall structure that lends it this specific sence of anticipation? Or is there a basic pattern that you start from?

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I’m more the “sampling” guy, and mainly record or resample my own stuff, create sfz and put it on the Zynthian.
Thinking about it - I could to some small Tutorials on YT or so and show how to create and put self-made samples onto the Zynthian…


Thanks! I’m an old beat-creating & mangling man.
I usually pick a standard basic rhythm (that old 3/5/9 stuff from the Roland days) and start fooling around with soundbank (kits, effects). This I did on reason, but the ‘twist’ is from the octatrack, giving it that little swing feel.
For example; I play a little bongo or djarbuka (I have real and fake ones at home, like drums, piano, accordeon, all the house is jammed with noisy stuff), loop it and add a beat. Then I throw in some reverb, a few notes and that’s that.
I don’t know how to play beats with the Zynthian yet, and anyway the octatrack shall probably remain the center part of that bit.

Hi! For me it’s the other way around; I ‘feed’ more or less clean loops to the octatrack/Sonar and mess it up from there.
Or I simply start from Reason I’ve been using that stuff it was called ‘cool edit pro’ in the late 90’s, so I kind of know my way around their stuff.
I invested in the Zynthian to go dawless for live performances (I play with a couple of friends), just using the octatrack, zynthian, midi guitar with gp10, etc.
I will soon check the complete crazy idea of looping the octatrack output including zynthian loops back into the Zynthian to mangle it from there. Mmm. …

And yes, any tuto on yt might be a way of contributing to this project :wink:

Here I’m using different Zynthian layers, looped in the Octatrack or played directly.
Who can find the:

Trillo / Scherzo / Drones / guitar chorus / Ahh Choir…and some more? Sorry mostly mangled by the eight merciless arms of the Octa!
@MatFluor these are basically samples looping around (pipo for the drones and voices), and thus part of a ‘live permformance’ in which I launch and cut and fade and whatever using scenes, so never the same and not really meant to be recorded.

Having fun with my Zynthian !


Awesome, I dig it! The Octa is something on my “someday” list, but then, I’m not a huge sequencer, but like live-looping :wink:

Yeah, one big reason for the Zynthian in my case was the “put my own samples on there without having to abuse a drum machine” if you know what I mean. Of course, I’m new to hardware stuff and used to software and playing stuff in with XFades and all. And with Zynthina, that’s there, in a nice box ina package I can support nicely

Thanks Mat!
To be honest I haven’t tried to actually use the Zynthian as a sampler yet, and having learned how to work with the Octatrack I don’t really need to right now.
I tried the sooper looper though, and that was fun!
I might try to link some midi footswitch to the Zynthian to start/stop the looping.
Have you tried the internal recorder ? Works pretty cool for nailing down certain ideas or sounds on the fly.

I’m not (yet) dawless - my more professional work is made in Reaper, and the Ambient/Electronic/Experimental with Ableton - Although there I mainly only use the clip view to do the live looping. And honestly, I’m anxious diving into a DigiTakt/Octatrack etc would result in me not making music and becoming a crazy old professor kind of guy and loosing myself in it (if you would see the amount of Reaper scripts and custom action I made, you would understand xD)
I haven’t tried the internal recorder (ok, once to see what it is of course). In my current workflow, the Zynthian is more - sound exploration of all the synths on it and putting my own instruments on it to be a bit more independent (and to film it for YouTube).

You’re right about the ‘crazy old professor’ bit, the more equipment the higher the wall between you and creation.
I’m very lucky, I spend most of my time creating using acoustic guitars, piano, and most of all musician friends.
The song is actually always the core of everything I do.
These little sounds I post here are more or less ‘exercises’ I do. Since I learned how to manage to work with most of my gear it doesn’t block me to be honest. I spend years with Reason and Sonar, doing drums rewiring EZdrummer, and then doing live shows with guitars, pedal boards, amps. So the whole thing has always been quite eclectic for me.
It’s like learning to use a high end camera (I do photo aswell), once you passed the learning bit the tool really becomes a tool, opening oceans of possibilities.
Well the Zynthian is very straightforward and I like it for that. Very flexible,too.
And easy to carry around. I work with a bass player and a very creative guitarist, so I need to be ready to ‘jump in’ at any given moment, one never knows what they might do next!
Have you considered the Mpc for performing ? It’s quite versatile without the awkwardness of the Elektron gear.

As @wyleu wished - here is Autobahn
The bass sequence is relatively straight:


I tried to arrange the whole thing in the step sequencer, which was currently too complex. (start and stop several sequences at the same time). So i used my daw and midi. Off course all audio output is zynthian


Yeahhhhhh! :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:

I just added this little jewel to the Wiki’s Sound Demos :blush:


Provide the MIDI and I may try to import to the step sequencer.

Meanwhile, somewhere in France…

1: ZY/CrisOwl Alvarez/ Fantasy Padkeys
2: '62 Telecaster / Effectrode Blackbird clean boost / GX Flanger / ZynChorus / Tal Reverb
Looped in Octatrack using Afrobeat Shakers loop + Afrobeat Drum loop

104 BPM


Thanks @jofemodo, I am honored :blush:

Oh, I think I’ve challenged you now. I even have the sequence data in zynseq format.
I am sending all sources here: MIDI files, sounds and Zynseq files. Of course also for all other interested parties to play around with.
Be careful with the zynseq file, make a copy of your own beforehand.
Autobahn_Zynthian.zip (5.8 MB)

ZY/SynthPiano/Termollo2 demo


Hi to you all,
todat I recorded a version of the Radiohead song ‘Bloom’, I only used the Salamander piano of the Zynthian (plus some mangling of the background loops).

Please excuse the poor sound quality; The website didn’t accept my original .wav file, so I had to downgrade to 160 Kbits/s mp3 :face_vomiting: