Hi @zynthianers!

Here a soundcloud playlist with 16 tracks tagged as #zynthian:

Some of them unknown for me until today …!! :wink:

Thanks for sharing! :+1::heart:


I knew they would find their way to you one day :slight_smile: I’ll take full responsibility for the ear damage caused when listening to tracks by Eddy G…
There’s lovely sounds in here, and I’m sure this can grow.
And thank you for making Zynthian be a part of my musical learning journey!


Thanks for sharing your noiz3, my friend!! :love_you_gesture:

BTW, my ears are perfectly … and you seems to learn quite fast :+1:

Very glad to know - and I appreciate your kind words! Maybe they’re the motivation I need to start the new year with a new Zynthian project with a RPi4. Not an easy decision, as each time I pick this one up, I find something new about it, or a different musical use I hadn’t thought of before. Damn you for making this so interesting!! :smiley:


The link looks like it will only work if you have SoundCloud app installed. I can’t see how to get a link to SoundCloud playlist via web browser so just search for Zynthian. This gives me something to listen to during my first hour at work. :slight_smile:

OK! I changed to a better format.


Woo! I currently hold 1/4 of the track slots! Quantity over quality every time :slight_smile:

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Some people may take that as a challenge, you know? :wink: Alas, for the time being time doesn’t let me be one of them. But that might change any day :musical_note:


I think it all should be ignored as derivative . . .

I’m going off to look at a candle . . .

sniff . . . :sob:

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I think you know the sanctioned way to show us how it’s done, all you need to do is to tag your upload in soundcloud with #zynthian :face_with_monocle: :smiley:


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For myself, I’ve usually categorised new technology examples get uploaded here, personal compositions get uploaded to soundcloud.